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How to Improve the Electric Actuator Design

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In this pneumatic actuators design, the control panel and remote control will use the 5v and 24v respectively. In order to guarantee the stability of the power supply, electric actuator design will make three-phase ac through decompression, rectifier, and filter to meet the requirements of power supply, voltage regulator and other processing. In the next part, the specific rectifier circuit and filter circuit in the electric actuator design will be introduced.

According to the electric actuator design, rectifier is a process of communication, using components with one-way conductive properties that can exchange the direction and size of the alternating current into direct current (dc). Ac input rectifier circuit, according to the power grid phase, is divided into single-phase rectifier circuit, three-phase rectifier circuit and polyphase rectifier circuit.

Single-phase rectifier circuit, based on electric actuator design, will be connected with the single-phase power supply, and the ac single-phase rectifier circuit is divided into: single-phase half-wave rectifier circuit, single phase bridge rectifier circuit, single-phase full-wave rectifier circuit.

The dc voltage through rectifier circuit output contains some ripples and the current strength size is constantly changing. In order to reduce the voltage fluctuation to make it meet the requirements of voltage regulation, the filter processing is needed to be done to the dc voltage of the rectifier circuit output during the electric actuator design process. In practice, there are three kinds of filtering methods: capacitor filter, filter inductor, composite filter. In order to reduce the system power and capacitor voltage value of the resistance requirements, we adopt parallel RC circuit electric actuator design.

Most of the chips used in the control system of intelligent electric actuator in the electric actuator design are in need of 5 V dc power to support to work properly, and the normal work of the power panel only needs 3.3 V dc. We need 24 v dc power supplies for remote control for the power supply if we want the actuator to work properly. For the power that needs several voltage values, relying on the power transforming alone is unable to conform to the requirements of the system voltage of power supply. According to the characteristics of the power demand, we usually treat the220 v alternating current (ac) with step-down, rectifier, filter, and voltage regulator so that we can get the power that meets the demand of the hardware circuit. The electric actuator design is of great advantage.

Control panel power mainly provides power supply to the main control chip and some other components. It is an important part of the electric actuators supply module, and the stability of the control panel power supply is related to the normal working of components of the control system. So in electric actuator design process, it should be considered carefully. Control panel power supply is mainly provided by the 5 V power supply that supports main control chip, the 3.3 V power supply and the liquid crystal display backlight power supply. According to the requirements of electric actuator system, the 12 v ac decompressed by the 220 v ac will be converted to D2 Rectifier Bridge with corrugated direct current (dc).

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