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How to Extend Electric Actuator Lifespan

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With proportion of plastic pipes in hot and cold water supply and industrial pipeline engineering application has improved a lot, the lifespan of pneumatic actuators and quality control is more and more especially important.

Electric actuators are used in water supply (especially hot water and heating) and other fluid plastic piping system, its application advantages are obvious compared to other valves. At present in domestic production and application of electric actuators, there is no reliable way to control it, causing the quality and lifespan of water supplies and other fluid electric actuators used in industry product is uneven. In the engineering application the closed lax and leakage phenomenon is serious, forming the formation that electric actuator cannot be used, which affects the overall development of plastic pipe application.

The national standard of electric actuator in our country is in developing process, the lifespan of electric actuator and product standard are formulated according to the international standard.

International valves are mainly include ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, diaphragm valve and globe valve and so on, there are mainly two structure forms, tee and multiport valves, its raw materials are mainly include ABS, PVC -u, PVC - C, PB, PE, PP and PVDF, etc. In international standards of plastic products, the first is the requirements of valve production, its raw materials manufacturers must have plastic pipe product standard. They set all the rules for electric actuator sealing test, body long-term performance test, the whole valve test, fatigue test and operating torque and so on, electric actuators used for industrial to convey fluid is given the requirement of the lifespan of electric actuator of 25 years.

Main technical requirements of the international standard

1.1 Raw material requirements

Body, bonnet and valve cover materials should be chosen in accordance with ISO 15493:2003 "industrial electric actuators.

1.2 The design requirements

A) If the electric actuator has only one pressure direction, we should mark it outside the external body with the arrow mark, symmetrical design of valves shall be suitable for two-way flow and isolation, which is good for lifespan of electric actuators.

B) The sealing parts carry on opening and closing action by stem drive valve. We should perform positioning in the end, or any intermediate position by friction or device to make the fluid pressure will not change its position.

C) According to EN736-3, the valve lumen minimum hole should meet the following two points: 1. for any size valves medium circulation, it should be no less than 90% of the valve DN value.

D) The seal between the valve stem and valve body should be accordance with the EN736-3, which is a essential requirement for lifespan of electric actuator.

E) In terms of wear resistance of valve, the valve design should consider the service life of wear parts, or producer should be indicated in the operating instructions of replacing the entire valve are suggested.

F) The applicable velocity of all valves operation device should reach 3 m/s.

G) From the top of the valve, the valve handle or handwheel should close the valve clockwise.

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