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How to Enhance Handwheel Technology

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FLOWX Handwheel is a wheel-like device of car, boat, and aircraft to control its direction. It is said in 1950s, though concept car with no handwheel has been invented, consumers are not interested in this kind of car at all, because car without handwheel is not a real car.

Car was controlled by rudder in the beginning, While it would transmit violent vibration when the driver is driving, which increases the difficulty for the driver to control the car. Weight increases after the actuator is installed in the headstock. And there is no way for the driver to drive a car by rudder. Since handwheel has a flexible operation, and can cut off vibration from the road well, it was invented as the times requires. Moreover, a good handwheel system provides driver a nice feeling with roads.

Handwheel technology enhances quickly since it was born. In 1887, a repairman’s accidental discovery promotes the handwheel technology. When the repairman craned the fixed car to assemble it, the hook of the car slid out suddenly, and the car body fell on the steering column, making the steering column bending for a few degrees from the vertical position. The repairman tried to bend the steering column correctly, but accidentally found this new angle was no longer difficult for driver to manipulate and it did not obstruct the view anymore.

That vehicle repair plant improved the handwheel technology according to the repairman’s discovery at once, and by 1890, Daimler motor company installed tilting steering column and tilting handwheel at the first time. And after that, many motor companies imitated it, making handwheel style settled.

Nowadays handwheel technology is almost controlled by electric actuators , which use electricity to work under the control signal.

Handwheel technology enhances greatly and in a diversity way. Inventions come out constantly to satisfy consumer’s requirement. Seiko, a Japanese corporation, sell the power handwheel in the market, which can improve shock absorption performance while the car is stroke suddenly. By staggering the position of the rudder angle sensor and the steering column axial, it extends the length for handwheel to absorb impact energy, and makes it much longer than before. Steering column structure adapts retraction structure in order to soften the impact energy when the car is hit. By this way, this new power handwheel makes driving much safer than before. In addition, American now enhance handwheel technology by inventing a new handwheel which can be navigated by vibration. This new handwheel is equiped with 20 vibrators, and it is connected to GPS navigation system. When the car arrives at a corner, the driver can feel that the handwheel is shacking and rotating slightly. If it rotates clockwise, it means that the driver needs to turn right.

By this new handwheel technology, drivers can focus on driving and decrease accidents’ happening.

Handwheel technology is tightly connected with our life, and now we are looking forward its improvement and a more convenient and safe life.

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