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How to Choose the Suitable Valves Material

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The valves are system components used to controlled fluid delivery, with the cutup, regulation, diversion, to prevent reflux, regulation or overflow relief functions. There are many kinds of it to provide every kinds services. There are several common species:The plastic valves material is one of them.

Valves for fluid control systems, from the simplest to the a lot of valves shut-off valves extremely complex automatic control system used, its varieties and a lot of specifications quite numerous. Good plastic valves material can be used to control the flow of air valves, water, steam, corrosive media, mud, oil, metals and radioactive liquid media and other types of fluids. Valve is also divided into a lot of cast iron valves, a lot of cast steel valves, and many stainless steel valves, chrome molybdenum a lot of steel valves, chrome molybdenum vanadium steel valves, and many dual-phase steel valves, Plastic valves , valves and other non-standard custom material according to the material.

The controller is powered pneumatic actuators control action and drive actuator cylinder sports, sports driven gear rotates the cylinder, rotary valve gear connected to the valve stem to open the valve off to play the role. As to the plastic valves material, there are as well as RPP, PVDF, PPH, and CPVC and so on in addition to general plastic UPVC plastic material. Specific types of valve selection are to be based on the specific intended use! And when you provide the detailed parameters some commercial consulting can help you choose!

Then how to select a valve, the valve in the selection step is following:The first, you should make sure the valve use in equipment or device to determine the valve working conditions: For medium, operating pressure, operating temperature and so on. The second, you should make sure the connecting pipes and valves DN and connection: it’s flanged, threaded, or welding. The third, you should determine the operation of the valve: Manual, electric, electromagnetic, pneumatic or hydraulic, electrical or electro-hydraulic linkage. The fourth, Select the type of valve: closed valves, regulating valves, safety valves.

As the plastic valves material has the quality, corrosion-resistant, does not adsorb scale, integration can be advantages and plastic piping connections and long life, plastic valve in the water (especially hot water and heating) and other industrial fluids with plastic piping system, applications, and its advantages are other valves cannot be compared. Currently in production and application of the domestic plastic valves, there is no reliable method for its control, causing water and industrial fluids other plastic valve product quality is uneven, causing severe leakage closed lax in engineering applications, form a speech cannot use a plastic valve, affecting the overall development of plastic pipe applications. National standards of plastic valves material being developed process, standards and methods of their products standards.

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