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How to Choose Electric Actuators According to Basicelements

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The electric actuators are commonly seen in modern society bearing the role of drive machines. Therefore the electric actuators have been a necessary component for any machines as well as devices. And in order to choose ideal electric actuators, there are some electric actuators basicelements for customers to buy electric actuators.

The first electric actuators basicelement to be considered when choosing electric actuators is drive energy. The commonly used drive energy is power supply or fluid supply. If choosing power supply as drive energy, it is generally possible to use three-phase supply for valves with large size. However, as for valves with small size, it is possible to use single phase supply. Generally speaking, there are multiple supply classifications of electric actuators for users to choose. Sometimes, it is possible to choose direct current supply and at this time, it is probably to make supply faults safety operation com true through power installation. As for liquid supply, it can be classified into different medium such as compressed air, nitrogen, natural gas as well as hydraulic pressure liquid. And the electric actuators are designed with different sizes to provide output force moment.

Another electric actuators basicelement when choosing electric actuators is valve type. Before choosing valve electric actuator, it is necessary to make clear the classifications of the valves so that it is possible to choose right electric actuators. Some valves need multiple swing drive, some need single swing drive and others need ping-pong drive, which has an effect to the choice of electric actuators. Generally, the electric actuator with multiple swing of pneumatic actuator is more expensive than that of electric actuators.

The next electric actuators basicelement for choosing right electric actuators is to choose according to the size of moment. For valves such as ball valve, butterfly valve as well as plug valve with 90 degrees swing, it is better to gain corresponding moment through valve manufacturers. Some manufacturers would like to test the valve’s operating moment under rated pressure, and then provide it for customers.

The next step to choose electric actuators is to consider the classifications of pneumatic actuators. Apart from electric actuators basicelement, the classification of electric actuators is also crucial when the valves and required drive force have settled. And then it is possible to use the date or choose software provided by electric actuator manufacturers to determine the classification of electric actuators you like. Sometimes, it is possible to take the operating speed as well as frequency of valves into consideration. In addition, the electric actuator with fluid drive is able to adjust its travel speed. However, three-phase electric actuator possesses solid travel period. What’s more, direct current electric actuators with small specification and single swing are able to adjust travel speed as well.

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