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How to Change Ice and Water Filter on Frigidaire Refrigerators

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Frigidaire refrigerators use two different styles of filters to filter the water for the dispenser and ice machine. What’s more, changing the ice and water filter on Frigidaire refrigerators depends on which filter system like electric actuators you possess. Moreover, you have to get some other information about how to change filter, the cup mount filter mounts to the ceiling of the fresh food compartment on the upper right side. What’s more, for us, we should know how to change filter, knowing this we can find more ways to change filters that is seriously needed. Moreover, you can buy Frigidaire replacement water filters at Frigidaire authorized dealers and some home improvement centers. Now I’ll give you more details about how to change filter.

Firstly, we should turn off the ice maker power switch. Moreover, some units have an "On/Off" switch that you set to the "Off" position, and most units have a wire on the ice maker that you raise to shut off the ice maker, then you ‘ll have a more all-around understanding about how to change filter regulators , not only the ice and water filter.

Secondly, you should open the refrigerator door and locate the filter cup on the upper right of the refrigerator, and then place a container under the filter cup to catch any water that is in the cup, and then push up on the filter cup and turn it counterclockwise to move it from the filter housing. Moreover, we should make it certain that the filter cartridge rests in the cup.

Thirdly, we should push the filter housing out of the cup and wash the cup in water, and then examine the O-ring on the inside rim of the cup to ensure that it is still in place. But some bad thing will always happen, if the O-ring came up with the cartridge, simply set it back in the groove on the cup.

Fourthly, we should insert the new filter cartridge into the cup with the small O-ring on the filter cartridge pointing up, and then thread the filter cup into the housing until it is hand tight and the Pure Source logo is facing forward. This procedure can be called the most important step about how to change filter.

Fifthly, for most of us, if we want to know how to change filter we can turn on the ice maker and fill a glass with water from the water dispenser, and then check for leaks around the filter cup. If there are leaks, you should remove the cup and reinstall, ensuring that the O-ring seals correctly.

Sixthly, we should continue filling the glass with water and emptying it until the water runs clear.

Seventhly, we should open the freezer and turn off the ice maker. After that, we should open the refrigerator door and locate the filter release button to the right of the filter cartridge.

After knowing about how to change filter, we can try to change other filters ,which will be so beneficial to all of us.

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