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How to Carry out Electric Actuator Energy Saving

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At present, there are main two kinds of electric actuators, part turn electric actuator and multiple-turn electric actuator. The former is used to control valves that need part turns, such as ball valve and butterfly valve. And the latter needs valve with multiple rotation, such as brake valve. And the pneumatic actuators energy saving can be realized from several aspects.

The first aspect to realize electric actuator energy saving is to use electric actuator to drive valve with large size. In order to protect the valves from being damaged, the limit switch installed on the end of the valve journey is going to cut off the power supply of electric motor. At the same time, when the safety moment is over, the moment sensor will cut off power supply of the electric motor as well. And position switch is used to indicate the switch state of the valves. And the hand wheel used to install clutch device can operate valves manually when there is something wrong of the power supply. And the main advantage of this kind of electric actuator is that all components are installed inside of one shell. That is to say, this shell with water proof and dust proof as well as explosion proof performance integrates all basic and advanced functions. However, the disadvantage is that when there is something wrong with the power supply, the valve can only be on the original position. And only by using standby power system can valves realize fault safety position.

Another way to carry out electric actuator energy saving is to consider selection element. It is possible to select an electric actuator with proper specification and style. In addition, it is possible to consider other elements. The first one is drive energy. The common drive energy is power supply and fluid source. If choosing power supply as drive energy, it is possible to choose according to size. Generally, the electric actuator has many kinds of power supply to choose. Sometimes, it is ideal to choose direct current supply, at this time; it is possible to realize power supply fault safety through installing power supply. And fluid resource has many classifications. First of all, it can be classified according to different medium into compressed air, nitrogen, natural gas as well as hydraulic pressure.

Another way to carry out electric actuators energy saving is to consider valve type. When choosing valve electric actuator, it is possible to know the classification of the valves. Only in this way can choose right type of electric actuator. Some valves need multiple rotation drive, while some need single rotation drive. All of these have an influence on the choice of electric actuator. Generally, the multiple rotation pneumatic actuators are more expensive than that of the electric actuator.

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