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How does the Limit Switch Work

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With the development of the heavy and electric industry, the limit switch turns up more and more in our daily lives. In some factories, almost every machine are working with the limit switch. However, is there everyone knowing about how does limit switch work? As far as I am concerned, there are few people know about the principle about the working of the limit switch. Although the limit switch itself is just a little element included to a total machine, its working principle with the machine is very complex. So, according to this point, the number of the people who know that how limit switch work is small.

Limit switch (limit switch) works principle and symbols are also known as limit switch . Limit switch is used to control machinery and equipment and travel limit protection. In actual production, the limit switch installed in a pre-arranged location, when installed on the production of mechanical moving parts of the module hit limit switch, the limit switch contact action, achieve switching circuit. Therefore, a limit switch is based on the stroke position of the moving parts and switching electrical circuits, its role is similar principles and buttons. Limit switch is widely used in various types of machine tools and lifting machinery to control the stroke, the terminal limit protection. The control circuit of the elevator, the trip switch also used to control the switching speed of the car doors, automatic doors of the limit on the car, the lower limit protection. This is something basic for the question “how does limit switch work”. Next I will introduce to you some details about the limit switch principle.

Limit switch can be divided into direct-acting, roller, fretting and modular according to its structure.

The action principle of the direct-acting limit switch is same to the button switches, but the speed of the contacts depends on the division of production machinery running speed, its speed cannot be below 0.4m/min place.

When the accused hit the block with a mechanical impact on the wheel ram, ram turned to the right, driven cam rotation, top down putter, so the micro switch in rapid action. When mechanical movement returns, the return spring in the role of each part of the operation member is reset. This is the principle about the roller limit switch.

Roller limit switch is divided into single-and dual-wheel rollers automatically reset (horn type) non-automatic reset, dual wheel line shift switch has two stable positions, the "memory" effect, and in some cases can be simplified lines.

So, above all, after I introduce so many things about the limit switch to you, I think you will have a more clearly thinking about how limit switch work.

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