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How Do Butterfly Valves Function

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1.What are Butterfly valves?

We have already known enough about a lot of types of valves including gate valves, globe valves and etc., fixed on different types of ships and now it is high time that we learn about another shape or kind of valves commonly used in transporting named butterfly valves. Butterfly valves are flow governing, riveted disc valves. The round dish or plate must have the same radial lengths as the pipe in order to be pivoted absolutely in the nucleus of the pipe, vertical to the orientation of the waterflow. In the aid of a rod the round dish can link to electric actuators out of the valve. When the valve plate is pinned at the nucleus and operates with the aid of an electric actuator, it looks just like butterfly wings and therefore it is named after butterfly valves.


Butterfly valves derive from a category of valve named as "quarter turn valves". This is because such valves act quickly and they can be fully opened or closed within only one fourths of a turn. Though the valve emits an unchecked fluid flow, it leads to a pressure drop in the flow as the dish is always appearing within the waterflow. The drop of pressure can be stopped by giving the valve a zigzaging dish profile which can maintain excellent flow characteristics under the condition of low pressure drop

Butterfly valves are most suitable for controlling the slipping flow. The pneumatic actuators outside the valve is assembled to an automatic apparatus or a remote control mechanism thus it can control the flow of the water wanted. The electric actuator or the valve axle can also be contacted to a lever in order for controlling the valve with hands. The valves are available in the sizes ranging from 6 mm to 1000 mm bore.

3.Working & Uses of Butterfly Valves

The operation of butterfly valves is very much analogical to the working of ball valves. Spinning of the spindle, by hand or by using a pneumatic system, drives the plate either vertical or horizontal to the flow of the water media. Butterfly valves are also applied for the purpose of controlling the flow by swinging the lever and by sticking a close eye to the wanted output flow.

All types of ships and firefighting equipments can work with butterfly valves. One widely used application is for domestic piping purposes. It is lines with large capacity that butterfly valves are used for, for example forward and aft sea water suction lines or lines for various tanks to going for their respective pumps. Grease oil pipelines also prefer having butterfly valves assembled within them due to apparent reasons as discussed above. This valves are used in systems requiring higher pressure resistance. The disc though positioned in the center of the pipe is arranged in a peculiar way in order to increase sealing ability and robustness. They can work up to 725 working pressure.

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