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Handwheel and Electric Actuators

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However, FLOWX Handwheel may mean something else. The full name of handwheel is manual pulse generator. Besides, another name of it is optical-electricity. So it is obvious that the component is powered by electricity. In this way, the electric actuators could be important to the component. As a result, electric actuators do play an important role in the control of handwheel.

Handwheel is mainly used for numerical control. The optical-electricity is a kind of sensor which transform geometric displacement of machine on the output shaft to pulse or digital quantity through photovoltaic conversion. It is one of the most common sensors. General optical-electricity consists of grating disc and photoelectric inspection. Due to the complex working principle, here we do not explain too much. There are many types of handwheel. If dividing handwheel types with national standard there would be two types. Besides, we can also classify with the materials.

There are rubber handwheel, plastic handwheel, bakelite handwheel and cast iron handwheel. The handwheel types may also differ with the change of the style. And there could be various handwheel in different style. After talking about handwheel types, we mainly discuss electric actuators. The electric actuators are transforming electric energy to mechanical energy to drive the machine. The electric actuators are made up with electromotor, transmission mechanism and control unit. In addition, electric actuators can be divided into alternating current electric actuators and director current electric actuators. An obvious advantage of electric actuators is that the power of the process is easy to produce and transport. And it is also convenient to realize automatic remote control. Now, electric actuators become the main power machine in modern industry. electric actuators have many advantages which make themselves the most widely used actuators. This should thank to the power, electricity. What we used before is fuel, such like oil or gas.

The transportation of the fuel costs a lot. Besides, we also have to prepare for the following process. For example, we ought to deal with the pollution and the waste treatment. In this way, we have to build up a series of facilities to meet the need of using fuel. However, electricity is much more convenient for the companies. The production of electricity can be gathering together. So there would be only one or a few intensive station to offer electricity. Besides, the transportation of electricity is also simple and cheap. Compared with fuel, electricity is environmentally friendly. These set up strong foundation for the development of electric actuators. As we may know that the work of handwheel needs stable power supply, electric actuators are very suitable for handwheel. So we can see that most of handwheel is powered by electricity. That is why electric actuators are significant to handwheel. What is more the development of electric actuators is also very good in the future, because people pay more attention on the protection of the environment. Thus, the electric actuators are promising. So no wonder handwheel would run with them.

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