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Handwheel Technology Upgrade History

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And what results in it? The answer is the upgrade of car handwheel technology.

Car handwheel is a kind of device which used to manipulate car’s direction. In 1950s, though concept car with no steering wheel have been invented, but consumers are not interested in this kind of car. Only after car with hand wheel come out, did consumers get interested in cars, which means that car without hand wheel is not a real car.

Car handwheel technology is simple in the beginning, and its use is also simple. The original car was drove by a rudder. However, it would transmit vibration to the driver during driving the car, which increased the difficulty to control the direction. 120 years ago, car handwheel technology was quiet different from now. Car handwheel was set on a vertical steering, and it was inconvenient for drivers to control the direction as well as it might obstruct driver’s sight.

Inconvenient and other shortages promote enhance of FLOWX Handwheel technology. In 1887, a mechanic who tried to made car handwheel no longer difficult for drivers to drive. Since then, more and more car handwheel inventions come out, which greatly improve car handwheel technology. As to make it safer as well as easier for drivers to drive car, motorcar horn was invented to be placed in the car hand wheel. This car handwheel technology makes driving in a good order. Driver must send acoustic signal by pressing horn to warn pedestrians and other vehicles according to the traffic rules to ensure traffic safety. In the process of driving, drivers also need motorcar horn to transmit signal or reminder.

Nowadays, car handwheel technology develops quickly and variously. And it has a trend that it connects tightly with electric actuators . Almost all car hand wheels are controlled by electric actuators. In addition, development of car hand wheel technology is closed to our daily life. Take a recent research for example: recently American inventor invented a new type of car handwheel, which can remind drivers to make a turn by vibrating the steering wheel. There are more and more traffic accident caused by driver’s carelessness and inattentive driving may lead to accidents. It is counted that nearly 3,000 people a year lost their life because of carelessness. Also, present navigation equipment is sound image, which may distract driver's attention. By using this new car handwheel technology, GPS is no longer audible, and the driver can feel slight tremor in the steering wheel when the car needs to turn in the intersection. It shows clockwise means that the driver should turn right. Developed more fully, this steering wheel can also inform road function in the future.

We can see that car handwheel technology indeed offers us great convenience as well as ensures our safety. Without it, we cannot control the direction where we want to go.

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