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Getting to Know Three Kinds of Electric Actuator

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Yangzhou Sugao valve control Co. Ltd. is famous for its intelligent electric actuators for multiport valve. This electric actuator in style has characteristics like:

1. It could realize bidirectional positioning, including both the backward rotation and the forward rotation. Its channel selection principle is to choose the nearest reversal and it is known for its high positioning accuracy;

2. Its channel number can be set arbitrarily and it has a flexible control mode (including local control, remote volume switch control, remote bus control, etc.);

3. The system is displayed in Chinese and adopts menu operation mode. It could be debugged without opening and the on-site valve position is indicated on a liquid crystal screen. It uses an absolute encoder for the valve position detection which has advantages like high positioning accuracy, good repeatability and wide temperature range. The whole machine is not affected by the environmental factors like temperature, magnetic field, voltage fluctuation and so on;

4. This electric actuator in style has a perfect protective function, including the valve position limit protection, torque overload protection, automatic phase sequence adjustment, instantaneous reversal protection, open phase protection and electrical isolation protection.

This Beck electric actuator in style is known for its excellent control performance, high reliability and excellent durability. The electric actuator detects the three-phase output current and the positioning signal for the valve from a voltage sensor and a position sensor, and then sends them into the SCM by an A/D conversion. And SCM is able to perform the rest of the steps. This electric actuator in style services its customers for continuous decades and constantly surpasses various industrial crisis, making itself a first choice for the world's leading companies. Its products are applied to various control instruments of high standard precision today. Unlike other typical electric and pneumatic actuators , this Beck electric actuator does not have a install and restart cycle. Its protective frame is used for protection and is convenient for calibration and installation. Its individual protect components are made of aluminum, and could still maintain its consistent accuracy even under harsh conditions, the excellent design of this gear could ensure a trustworthy and long-term work.

Located in Lynchburg, Virginia, Shenzhen Xin Source Trading Co. Ltd. has various manufacturing and service centers in USA, Britain, Canada, India and Japan. It has 91 sales offices around the world, ensuring timely answer to the demands of corresponding users. The electric actuator this company meets the most stringent industry standards and could be installed under various operating environment. You could find the product of this company at any place that needs to rely on the electric actuator for valve control. The company sticks to the production of electric actuator with high precision and strong durability and its products are mainly used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, water and wastewater industry, pipeline, shipping, power plants and so on. This electric actuator in style charges 9,680.000 per set. And if you could order at least 5 sets at one time, its price will reach to 9,170.000 per set.

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