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Focus on Several Pneumatic Actuator Brands

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The market is flooded with a variety of pneumatic actuators, while famous pneumatic actuator brands are rare, mainly contains DR / SC new rack and pinion actuator, GT series valve pneumatic equipment, fork pneumatic actuator and AT pneumatic actuator devices. Let's close to these pneumatic actuator brands today.

DR / SC new rack and pinion

DR / SC new rack and pinion pneumatic actuator developed in China and its performance is more superior compared to other pneumatic actuator brands.

① Symmetrical dual piston design of rack and pinion, fast and smooth action, high precision and high output power.

② High quality aluminum extrusion cylinder with the hole and the outer surface that through the precision machining of hard anodized, gain longer life and low coefficient of friction.

③ Integrated design, all of the double-acting and single-acting actuators models have the same block and cover.

④ Modular pre-spring break whole group can easily and safely install or decrease the number of springs.

⑤ External side of two separate adjustment screws is more accurate and convenient for actuators have been installed in the valve.

Depending on those performances, DR / SC new rack and pinion pneumatic actuator occupies a space in many pneumatic actuator brands.

GT series valve pneumatic device

GT series valve pneumatic device is outstanding in many pneumatic actuator brands. GT series valve pneumatic device, which is new, is considered as a part of the rotation angle of the output shaft, to transit back to the pneumatic actuator of 90 °。It can be changed into pneumatic valve through combining with the ball valves and butterfly valves, etc. also to be applied to the 90 ° rotary movement of other mechanical devices. Component performance of GT series valve pneumatic device is its outstanding advantages in numerous pneumatic actuator brands:

① All sliding parts made of plastic bearing bushings, guide and maintain the minimum friction, effectively wear resistance.

② Plating and anodizing surface of the shell, protect corrosion; rotation axis rigid nickel-phosphorus alloy plating.

③ Connect and mount interface standardization module design, easily fitting valves, butterfly valves, signal boxes and control accessories.

Fork type

Fork type pneumatic actuator belongs to famous electric actuators brands. This pneumatic actuator adopts "single-cylinder double-piston - forking variable torque" drive structure, and low friction, long life multi-point guide patented sealing technology and optional PTFE - carbon graphite as a standard piston seal material, so that the output torque of the torque can meet the gates switch. In addition, this actuator has become a customer favorite in pneumatic actuator brands because of following advantages:

① Low-friction PTFE graphite piston seal.

② For-Life-oriented multi-point transmission.

③ Fork-type high torque structure.

④ Less air consumption.

⑤ Smaller volume.

AT type

AT pneumatic actuator is one of well-known pneumatic actuator brands. AT pneumatic actuator is divided into action and reaction forms, which is so-called positive role comes from signal pressure, putting downward. The reaction is signal pressure and putting upward. And this kind of actuator configured of the intelligent valve positioner, which can increase the output force and movement speed, accuracy of adjustment, overcome the stem friction force and achieve the correct positioning etc. It is because these intelligent accessory products, make the pneumatic more intelligent actuator and also make the AT pneumatic actuator more and more important in pneumatic actuator brands.

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