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Filter Regulator Benefits for Different User Group

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It plays different roles in different filter regulators.

1, the oil filter regulators are used to protect the system hydraulic components to damage from pollution particles. But they also increase the resistance of the pump suction, so opt for a large flow capacity, high filtration efficiency, large scale capacity, less pressure loss. Such as intensive and line gap type filter you should know. Filtering accuracy and efficiency is a contradiction , the general accuracy of the filter regulators select 80-200μm, to meet the needs on the line.

2, The pressure oil filter regulators, whose purpose is to protect the outside of the other hydraulic pump, the mounting position due to the high pressure, high pressure should be considered first . If poor component is used to protect anti-pollution (Such as servo valves ) of user group , please consider filtering accuracy and flow capacity , recommended use high-pressure oil filter regulators with housing , such as domestic ZU-H63X3.

3, Return pipe passing through the filter regulators , the system is its use of oil back to the tank with the system filters out dirt , ensuring clean oil inside the tank . Filtering accuracy of filter regulators is generally 10-50μm. In this filtering, the filter regulators may be clogged, thus clogging the system hydraulic components. We suggested the use of return oil filter regulators with bypass valve. Also produced under high pressure suddenly turned back to the oil shocks you should know so opt for high flow filter. If the pressure is too large, it should be added back pressure valve protection filter regulators.

Filter regulators have a different use in different industries, different filter media and filter structure is not the same principle , in all industries, we need to purify the fluid filter regulators have their own volume shape , structure, materials, manufacturing processes and testing methods. Some industries use filter regulators are used to protect the safety of people use the machine vehicle life ; Some industries use filter regulators is used to protect people's lives and safety as user group; Some industries use filter regulators are used to protect the clean space their electronic product quality as user group is not compromised .

Pneumatic actuators filter regulators are used for a user group in order to remove impurities in the air filtering device , remove gas mixed solid and liquid impurities for clean room , clean rooms , laboratories and clean rooms, or for electronic machinery and communications equipment, such as anti- dust . Pneumatic actuators filter regulators are efficient, effective, and in the early effect of the points, there are sub-efficient models.

Pneumatic technology, air filter regulators, regulator and pneumatic filter regulators lubricator is called Big Three. In order to obtain a variety of functions, often these three air preparation components assembled together in sequence, called pneumatic actuators filter regulators FRL for gas purification filters, vacuum and provide lubrication.

Early effect of air filter of pneumatic actuators filter regulators: The filter normally used artificial fiberglass frame part is made of cardboard box, usually a tough operating environment enough paper boxes are not deformed and broken.

Efficiency air filter of pneumatic actuators filter regulators: Material is usually made of rayon and galvanized iron filtration efficiency from 40% to 90 % range , galvanized iron flanged connections are more common and easier to install than threaded , general degree more high . In effect, neumatic or electric actuators filter regulators are applied to the user groups of industrial, commercial, hospitals, schools, buildings and various other plant air conditioning equipment, is a very common kind of gas filtration equipment as pneumatic actuators filter regulators.

HEPA filters of pneumatic actuators filter regulators: This is allowed under a normal temperature and humidity conditions for air trace acid and organic solvents content filtering , which is characterized by low resistance, high dust holding capacity for the user group in the high-end aerospace, aviation, electronics , pharmaceuticals , biotechnology and other more fields.

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