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Electric Actuators and the Specific Force Output Motors

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The results of many electric actuators study point out the need for an improved theoretical understanding of the electric actuators working principles, which might be rather helpful for those who intend to buy ball valve used in the electric actuators. Electric actuators can be used to impose mechanism and material independent limits on the specific force output of electric actuators motors. However, improved knowledge in this area is still required in the long run and it may not make it possible to extend the present upper bound of specific electric actuators.

As long as we keep in mind the electric actuators evolution, we may sharpen our view of what is attainable in the electric actuators improvement attempts. As an example of how such knowledge would be helpful, we may consider the field of electric actuators engineering, in which there is a general lack of consensus regarding the recent progress as well as future of the actuating systems as a whole. It is predicted that a millimeter size electric actuators engine would have a weight ratio of about one hundred to one compared with ten to one for the best modern electric actuators models at present. Therefore, it has turned out that the electric actuators produce a weight ratio that can be improved in a steady manner and are expected to continue for some time, whereas a recent review that plots the maximum weight ratios of electric actuators shows that this metric has remained nearly constant since 1970.

Then the report concludes that it is clear that we are approaching a limit in our ability to improve pneumatic actuators performance with existing technology. In other words, the next generation of electric actuators, presently under development has a goal of achieving a specific thrust without using afterburners. If this goal can be achieved, it would place the electric actuators within the upper tail of the distribution of specific force for electric actuators motors and therefore presumably near a universal mode. The turbine of the prototype electric actuators might be subsequently redesigned so as to make it more massive.

By doing so, both the mass and realized thrust of this electric actuators engine remain classified and as the electric actuators engine evolves and accumulates a record of field service, and if there is tradeoffs in areas such as durability in the long run, whether it can attain its target specification depends on. The reason why we highlight these examples to illustrate the lack of previous recognition of general electric actuators scaling relationships and universal upper limits of electric actuators motor force output is to show that the most current designs have not significantly exceeded the maximum force outputs and to remind those who want to buy Ball Valve .

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