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Electric Actuators Leading Dealer Selecting Strategy

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Always we call valve electric actuators a pneumatic device or an electric actuator, commonly known as pneumatic head, valve electric actuators is electric pressure drive valve opening and closing or regulating valve actuators.

When the electric actuators leading dealer choosing electric actuators, you should know they should know the structure of the valve electric actuator firstly.

1, The electric actuators are mainly composed of cylinder, piston, gear shaft, end cover, seals, screws, etc;Complete sets of electric actuators also include opening instructions, limit valves, locator, pneumatic components, manual institutions, and signal feedback etc parts.

2, The valve electric actuator and valve size should meet with ISO5211 (bottom), GB/T12222 and GB/T12223 rules.

3, For electric actuators that with manual mechanism, when the electric source is interrupted, we should use the manual institution for the valve opening and closing operation. When facing the handwheel, the handwheel or handle should counterclockwise for valve open, clockwise to make the valve to close.

4, If the piston rod end has internal and external thread, there should be euipted with a spanner wrench.

5, The piston sealing ring should be easy to replace and maintenance.

6, If the electric actuators has a buffer mechanism, the stroke length of the buffering mechanism should be reference to the provisions of the table

7, If the electric actuators has a adjustable cushion, there should be a cylinder cushion institutions for external regulation.

8, The thread sizes of air cylinder should meet the requirement of MANUR NORM GB/T7306.1, GB/T7306.2 and GB/T7307 regulations.

When the electric actuators leading dealer choosing electric and pneumatic actuators , they should know the performance of the valve electric actuators/air torque

1, The electric actuator rated output force or moment should comply with the provisions of GB/T12222 and GB/T12223.

2, When electric actuators are in the case of no load situation, the air movements should be smooth, without jam and crawl phenomenon.

3, Under 0.6 MPa air pressure, the output torque of pneumatic device for opening and closing two directions or thrust value shall not be less than the value of pneumatic device sign marked, and action should be flexible. We do not allow each part arise permanent deformation and other anomalies.

4, When using maximum working pressure for sealing experiment, the amount of air leaked out from one side of their back pressure is allowed not more than (3 D) + 0.15 cm3 / min (standard);The air quantity leaked from the output shaft end cover should not exceed more than (3 d) + 0.15 cm3 / min.

5, We should use 1.5 times the maximum working pressure to conduct a test and maintain test pressure after 3 min, the cylinder end cover and static sealing parts are not allowed to have leakage and structural deformation.

6, When the electric actuators simulate the valve, under the situation of keeping the two directions of output torque or thrust capacity, the opening and closing times shall be not less than 50000 times at a time.

7, For electric actuators with buffer mechanism, when the piston movement visit terminal location, there should not appear impact phenomenon.

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