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Electric Actuators Application in Winter

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Electric actuators, also known as electric structure of the valve are used together, such as ball valve and ball valve structure installed together, using mechanical connection, makes become electric ball valves, valve driven by electricity for energy to control all the operation of the valve. Electric actuators are fast cutting and convenient sources of energy, environmental protection, signal transmission speed, long transmission distance, facilitate centralized control, high sensitivity and precision, cooperate with electric monitoring instrument is convenient, installation simple wiring and widely used in explosion-proof requirements is not high, air lack of place. The advantage of because electric actuators , electric actuators application in winter are possible.

When it is electric actuators application in winter, the electric actuators of the structure, type, function has its own characteristics. In electric actuators application in winter in process control system, electric actuators change production process directly by actuators and the number of the production process to meet the requirements of the book. Specific electric actuators application in winter: the appropriate actuators, but different requirements and regulating mechanism. The application of field bus technology, replacing the traditional 4 ~ 20 ma analog signal, realizes the implementation of remote monitoring, status, fault, parameter information transmission, remote parameterized work, improve the reliability of it.

For electric actuators application in winter usually needs to determine the model selection of the design of electrical parameters, main motor power, rated current, often negligence in this respect, the control system and electric actuators parameter mismatch cause the work in time and space trip, blown fuse, thermal overload relay protection jump fault conditions. As a user or valve manufacturer to matching, elected type actuator torque when choice is too small will cause can't normal open/close the valve, so the electric or pneumatic actuators application in winter must choose a reasonable range of torque.

The performance and quality specifications in the electric actuators application in winter, depending on the reliable installation of electric actuators, because the performance of the electric actuator for the whole of the valve and control integrated, buy important electric actuators, reasonable choose to deliver the greatest value. At present on the design of electric actuators are lacking, and during commissioning the installation of wrong operation will also affect the valve. In the choice of electric actuator, to fully consider the electric actuators application in winter, the valve opening and closing the required torque determines the output torque of electric actuator to choose how, so high quality electric actuators must apply to electric actuators application in winter.

There are many kinds of in the consumer market, electric actuators, in the mode of action is different, the kinds of system application in, should be based on the work of the valve need to be out there, only to choose the appropriate your requirements of electric actuators can greatly improve efficiency when use, also can promote life, reduce the occurrence of fault. So it can be seen from the above, electric actuators have their own advantages and using the environment, to electric actuators application in winter, when the choice of valves to strictly the installation of the specific operating mode selection, and master the basic knowledge of the electric actuator, in the future or on the adaptation of choose and buy more natural and relaxed.

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