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Electric Actuators Application in Summer

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Actuator uses liquid, gas, electricity or other energy and through the motor, cylinder, or other device to convert it to drive. The basic of the valve actuator is used to drive to the fully open or close position. With the control valve actuator can accurately make valve walk to any location. Although most of the actuator is used to switch valve, but now the design of the actuator is far beyond the simple switch function, they contain a position sensor, torque sensor, electrode protection device, logic control unit, digital communication module and the PID control module, etc., and these entire device installed in a compact enclosure. Now the electric or pneumatic actuators application in summer is also possible.

Electric actuators and regulating mechanism is divided two parts, the executing agency points Angle of stroke and stroke two kinds, is based on two phase ac servo motor as the power of position and function is the input linear dc current signal is converted to a displacement.

Poor safety explosion-proof electric actuators and motors move fast enough, and stuck in stroke or by the valve stem to live when the motor is easy to damage. But due to the actuator itself has the function of the servo, electric actuators application in summer can: the external servo amplifier; You can take overload protection unit; Choose any positive and negative actions; After power valve self-locking; Motor internal temperature protection switch in order to protect the motor burned, etc. Electric actuators in continuous improvement have a tendency to expand the application.

With the development of automation, electronics and computer technology, now more and more of the actuator to the intelligent development, has a lot of actuator with communication and the function of intelligent control, such as many manufacturers of products can be electric actuators application in summer. We believe that the future electric actuators and other automation instrument will be more and more intelligent, electric actuators application in summer it is the trend of The Times.

Early industrial area, there are a lot of control is manual and semi-auto, in electric actuators application in summer in the human body direct contact with the risk of industrial equipment parts and dangerous medium (solid, liquid, gas state of a variety of chemicals and radiation), easy to cause damage to people and is very unsafe. When electric actuators application in summer, the equipment of large amount of short service life, easy to damage, maintenance, and adopts semi-auto especially manual control efficiency is low, the error is big, the production efficiency is low. Based on the above reasons, the actuators were produced and used in industrial control and other fields, to reduce and avoid personal injury and equipment damage, and greatly improve the control precision and efficiency, but also greatly improve the production efficiency. This year as the electronic technology, computer technology and the rapid development of control theory, actuators have been at home and abroad into intelligent control electric actuators application in summer time.

From the early 1990 s, foreign some production line of electric actuators are manufacturers, has developed a new product occupy the market; they can be electric actuators application in summer. Earlier is the British law refigure (ROTORK), launched in 1995, IQ type intelligent electric actuators, tested electric actuators application in summer. IQ series intelligent electric actuators are British law refigure (ROTORK) launch of the older generation of intelligent electric actuator, it is the base type actuator ROTORK turn more electric machine. It uses infrared ray hand operator to set the parameters of the actuator, so can achieve without "open" dry technology, electric actuators application in summer no problem at all.

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