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Electric Actuator Using Tips

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System reliability is a problem that cannot be ignored. In practical application, the system will not work when there are all kinds of interference, and it may even crash if the matter is so serious. In order to ensure the reliability of the system, in addition to necessary understanding of electric actuators using tips, it is necessary to do protection on the software and hardware and designing a reset circuit on hardware is one of the most common measures. Reset circuit can use manual reset or automatic reset. This article will focus on electric actuator using tips.

Here is the electric actuator using tips. The main reasons for the physical operation flow in the working process of the smart electric actuator are: (1) the motor overload operation; (2) short circuit; (3) motor blocked; (4) mechanical parts fault, for example, the motor bearing is broken or connection of valve does not work and so on. To overcome these situations, it is necessary to take some protection measures for motor over-current circumstances. So what are the electric actuator using tips?

According to the electric actuator using tips, as a result of the valve’s frequent on-off valve movement, the corresponding motor will make frequent reversing action, which will easily cause the electrical heating. Therefore, in order to avoid motor from being burnt down due to overheat, it is necessary to make real-time monitoring on the temperature of the motor. As for the design, electric actuator using tips are: install sensor in the motor stator inner to make real-time detection and to gather the temperature of the motor. The motor temperature will be transmitted to an AD of the micro controller and the corresponding temperature is calculated from the micro controller. Then compare the temperature with the set working temperature range (motor), and then determine whether the motor’s internal temperature is too high.

More detailed electric actuator using tips: Pt100 is a commonly used platinum thermal resistance temperature measurement, which has good reliability, good stability, high precision, etc. Its resistance has a proportional relationship with the temperature changes, so you can get the corresponding output voltage and measured temperature is calculated as long as the current goes through the PT100.

Therefore, Pt100 this system uses is very suitable to measure temperature. When there is a far distance between the measured voltage, resistance and the equipment, the influence on measurement accuracy will be large if the two-wire needs to introduce the connection wire and contact resistance. Electric actuator using tips can better guide you in using electric actuator.

According to the pneumatic actuators using tips, when there are the situations of jammed valve drive mechanical structure, jammed motor bearing for oil shortage, motor overload, the actuator may be blocked. When the motor is stalling, the pressure of the bearing and the phase current can increase sharply, leading to fever of the motor. Therefore, in order to protect the motor from being burned, we need to do the necessary protective measures from aspects of hardware and software. In electric actuator using tips, there are three ways of judging the motor block.

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