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Electric Actuator User Tips

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Humanized design of intelligent pneumatic actuators mainly reflects in the design of man-machine interface, which is embodied in its rich online display and convenient parameter setting function. This article will provide the relevant electric actuator user tips. The man-machine interface of this system can be set electric actuator parameters at the scene of the keyboard and can also be set through the infrared remote control, which enhances the electric actuator's ability of adapting to more complex environment. According to the electric actuator user tips, with the unique design of liquid crystal display, users can see through the screen the intuitive, real-time valve switching, valve opening, the motor output torque and diagnosis of the screen. Specific electric actuator user tips are in the below.

Liquid crystal display circuit is an important part of human-computer interaction, which needs to real-time display the opening of the valve, the motor output torque, fault alarm, the current operation mode, operation condition of the valve and motor, etc. Understanding the electric actuator user tips can provide a lot of convenience for you.

According to the electric actuator user tips, due to large actuator load at runtime, the emergence of lack and fault phase of the power supply is not allowed. However, wrong phase sequence is really easy to take place when three phase alternating current is connected and in this case if the motor runs for a long time, it may cause damage to the motor and valves. So it is necessary to test the phase sequence of three-phase electricity to judge whether there is wrong phase or lack of phase. Electric actuator user tips point out that when motor is lack of phase and the motor is blocked, the line current of motor is 1.4 times of its rated current.

Electric actuator system startup is at the same time with the system reset and the reset will first initialize the related registers and liquid crystal display (LCD) in the internal MCU. Then it is the introspection of system, and if the system alarms error, makes error handling and displays an error message, it will repeat system self-check until the system has turned out no error. According to the electric actuator user tips, if there are no errors, the system will make choice of operation mode, and if the manual mode is chosen, it will call manual module, while if automatic mode selected, then enter the electric actuator control mode selection.

In mode of stopping control, the keyboard on the control panel and remote control will not work, then the electric actuator user tips will infer that operators can only finish parameters setting adjustment and checking through the remote control, which has reached the requirement of sealed moisture-proof for intelligent electric actuator, providing the actuator control system's better ability of adapting to complex environment. In order to prevent operators from wrong operation, the system has designed a password subroutine, requiring the operator to input password every after pressing a function key system to make sure that it is not a wrong operation. Of course, these intelligent designs don’t mean you don't need to know the electric actuator user tips.

Detailed electric actuators user tips: down is used to switch between the menu; To the right is used to switch between sub menu; BC means basic settings, such as valve opening, motor torque, etc.; RC means remote settings; AS means additional settings, which is mainly used for showing setup instructions state; EC means security settings, such as emergency and motor control mode settings; CS is parameter settings; IN is information settings, such as alarm information.

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