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Electric Actuator Preparation Work

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As the automatic control technology develops to direction of intelligence digitalization and informationization, the traditional electric actuator preparation work already can't meet the needs of industrial control. Intelligent electric actuators is the inevitable choice of industrial control, and electric actuator has been widely used in chemical, oil, water and electricity, etc, which has great market value.

In order to make the industrial control more intelligent, digital, information-based, and precise, to reduce the production cost; and to avoid people from frequently being in dangerous environment, the enterprise also needs this kind of intelligent electric actuator preparation work. Valve application field is being wider, so the electric actuator preparation work, as an indispensable process of valve control system, has considerable significance.

With the rapid development of economy in our country, hardware manufacturers are increasing, including many emerging leading enterprises. Electric actuator preparation work can get strong support in terms of hardware. Software is mainly based on C language, C++, VC6.0 development tool and involves the knowledge of serial communication at the same time.

To sum up, intelligent electric actuator not only has a unique advantage in terms of performance but also in terms of the system hardware and software. What’s more, it has a broad market value and customer source, which means that all four sorts of conditions are there. Therefore, the intelligent electric actuator preparation work is feasible and has a certain development prospect.

Determining the overall scheme of the control system design is one part of electric actuator preparation work. From the performance of the system, the system includes seven modules: the main control module, man-machine interface module, power drive module, signal input and output module, local/remote control module, system protection module, alarm module. In the electric actuator preparation work, the system makes each module both a separate interface module and a close whole through the modular design, improving the scalability and maintainability of the system.

Now let’s introduce design of hardware and software in the system of electric actuator preparation work. Hardware circuit mainly includes: driver module hardware circuit, power supply module hardware circuit, the control module of hardware circuit and protection module hardware circuit, man-machine interface module hardware circuit. System software consists of system software design, protection system software design, the man-machine interface software design, and the alarm system software design. The software design will use C language to modulate each subroutine for motor control, motor phase current detection as well as temperature, flow, locked-rotor protection. And the shortcomings of the power supply and off phase protection, reception, and liquid crystal display will also be covered.

And the pneumatic actuators preparation work of PC serial communication design is mainly composed of three parts, hardware design, serial communication, PC and PC software design software design, adopting RS485 serial port, MFC technology, etc. to realize a one-to-many control.

The smart level of intelligent valve actuators largely depends on its control system of electric actuator preparation work, so the control system is the core and decisive part. This article firstly introduces the performance index, function electric actuators need to achieve. On the basis of the overall design of control system, the working principle of the motor and how to choose to meet the demand of the system of the motor are finally introduced.

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