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Electric Actuator Maintenance Tips

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With our electric actuators maintenance tips, you can be professional in using the electric actuator. When the valve gets to the emergency location and is still making close valve movement, you need to make the electric actuator halt and then open the motor and make reverse operation. If the system received an emergency signal in the process of the motor running, and the signal is showing that the motor speed has reached the speed of emergency condition, you may need to adjust the speed for motor and make it return to the valve position of judging. When a motor is blocked and the emergency signal is cancelled, the motor should be stalled and stored the current position of the valve. All these are related to electric actuator maintenance tips.

Since the valve has to frequently make on-off valve movement, the corresponding electric actuator will have frequent positive & negative movements, thus easily causing the heating of the electric actuator. Therefore, in order to make the electric actuator keep proper temperature, it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the actuator at any time. Before learning more electric actuator maintenance tips, let’s have a first look at design. In order to provide a perfect protection module for over-temperature, we should not only have perfect measures in hardware, but also need a reasonable software system to support. The following part will introduce more electric actuator maintenance tips.

According to the electric actuator maintenance tips, if electric actuator temperature is still higher than the set temperature in the set time, then execute over-temperature protection while on the other hand, it shows a miscalculation. In order to overcome misjudgment caused by damage of timer, this system needs to test the timer before the time is set and if the timer does not work, the actuator must be stopped.

Electric actuator maintenance tips: since the PC software system is designed to match the control of intelligent electric actuator, operators can make convenient process parameters setting, real-time monitoring on the operation condition of actuator through the upper machine interface. It preliminarily realizes the networked control system and enhances the actuator's ability to adapt to complex environment. Electric actuator maintenance tips will help you use electric actuator.

Although the design of intelligent electric actuator reaches the expected designing effect and performance indicators, it also needs to be tested constantly in practice. In view of the defects, it should be continuously improved and perfected, and more discussion in more depth will be in the next part of electric actuator maintenance tips. With the advanced control theory, computer control, the development of information network, intelligent pneumatic actuators’ future research will mainly concentrate on the following several aspects.

With the electric actuator maintenance tips, you will be able to know more about the actuator. Introducing the advanced control algorithm into the research of control system of intelligent electric actuator can improve the control effect, such as neural control, fuzzy control, robust control, and so on. In the research process of smart electric actuator, the wireless sensor network might be a good aspect and we can combine the electric actuator control and alarm system with mobile phones. When the system fails, you can remind staff via text message or dial-up. So do these electric actuator maintenance tips help you?

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