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Electric Actuator Is Introduced

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Electric actuator:

For executing agency is the most widely definition: a kind of can provide device driven by linear or rotary motion, it USES some kind of drive energy and work under the action of a control signal.

The basic of the valve actuator is used to drive to the fully open or close position. Used to control valve actuators can accurately make valve walk to any location. Although most of the actuator is used to switch valve, but now the design of the actuator is far beyond the simple switch function, they contain a position sensor, torque sensor, electrode protection device, logic control unit, digital communication module and the PID control module, etc., and these entire device installed in a compact enclosure.

The classification of electric actuators :

1. More than electric rotary actuators

More electric rotary actuator is the most commonly used one of the most reliable types of actuator. Using single phase or three phase motor drive gear or worm gear and worm finally driven stem nut, stem nut to stem produce movement to make the valve opened or closed.

Many rotary electric actuators can be fast driving large size valves. In order to protect the valve from damage, installed at the end of the valve stroke limit switch will cut off the motor power supply, when the safety moment is over at the same time, the torque sensor will also cut off the motor power, position switch is used to indicate the status of valve, installed the clutch device can be manual operation during power failure the valve handwheel institutions.

Main advantage of this type of actuator is all parts are installed in a casing, in the waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof enclosure integrated with all the basic and advanced function. Main drawback is that when the power failure, the valve can only stay, only use standby power system, the valve can realize fail-safe position (fault open or closed)

2. Electric single rotary actuators:

This is similar to the electric rotary actuator , the main difference is the final output of the actuator is 1/4 turn 90 degrees of motion. A new generation of electric single rotary actuator is a combination of most complex function of rotary actuator, such as: the use of entering type user friendly operation interface to realize the parameter setting and the diagnosis function.

Single rotary actuator compact structure can be installed to the small size valve, usually the output torque of up to 800 kg of rice, the other should be required to power is small, they can install the battery to achieve a fail-safe operation.

3. The fluid drive rotary or linear output more pneumatic actuators

This type of actuator is often used for direct operation valve (globe valve) and the gate, they use pneumatic or hydraulic operating mode.

Usually people use electric rotary actuators to drive more gate and globe valves, only in the absence of power supply are considering using hydraulic or pneumatic actuators.

4. The fluid drive single rotary actuators

Pneumatic, hydraulic single rotary actuator is very general; they do not need power and simple structure, reliable in performance. Their application has a very broad range of areas. Often the output from a few kilograms meters to tens of thousands of kilograms. They use a cylinder and transmission device converts linear motion orthogonal output, transmission device usually has: fork, gear and rack, lever. Pinion and rack in the whole travel within the scope of the same output torque, they are very suitable for small size valve, fork has high efficiency in journey starting point with high torque output is very suitable for large diameter of the valve. General installation solenoid valve pneumatic actuators, locator, or accessories such as position switch to realize the control and monitoring of the valve.

Broad electric actuators application in the following three areas.

1, power plants, thermal power industry application and other electric power industry.

2, the process control.

3, industrial automation, its application in sulfur mine production, the application of potash pipe valve actuator, the application of water treatment valve actuator, limestone and the application of cement valve actuator, application in grain processing factories actuators, the application of steel damper baffle and valve actuator, smelter damper baffle and valve actuator applications, the application of process control panel, the application in the oil industry, the application of natural gas production and transportation industry.

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