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Domestic Plastic Valves Market

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There is a big gap between the domestic plastic valves market and abroad. On the one hand in technology, the product design has been same for many years and the new pneumatic actuators development ability is weak. The small specification variety cannot satisfy with process requirement of plastic valves market. On the other hand, the conception and management response is not sensitive to the market and the development of products cannot keep pace with the needs of plastic valves market. Domestic coordination ability is poor, making large and conveniently small redundant construction, repeated investment and the management is lax, the standard is not high, leading to slow development of plastic valves market.

There are only a few domestic research institutions with not enough scientific research investment and the factory is, without a prerequisite for scientific research, merely content with the institute of plastic valves market need. According to the plastic valves market, the development of product only stays in the level of imitation of surveying and mapping, digesting and absorbing foreign valve product.

Only dozens of domestic valve factories have received certificates issued by the American Petroleum Institute (API), thus can make production in accordance with the requirements of foreign standards and customers. However, the products that are made to adapt to the plastic valves market are only some ordinary medium and low pressure valves. Most of the valve manufacturing enterprises can't produce for export due to low-level science and technology. The less variety specification, low technical parameters and poor strain capacity have deprived the competitiveness of some domestic factories on the plastic valves market.

At present our country’s plastic valves market remains to be developed. The manufacturing process is falling behind and the smelting are generally cupola and electric arc furnace. Moreover, the equipment does not have control system, the test equipment old, the quality of molten iron and steel not high, variety of metal material small. Because of the high cost and poor quality of the product, it cannot completely meet the test conditions and the requirements of plastic valves market.

Current technical standards in electric actuators industry are mainly equivalent with the international standards and advanced foreign standards in the 1980s, thus in some aspects there is still a certain gap between domestic valve industry standards and international standards and advanced foreign standards. In addition, according to the standards, the supervision mechanism is not perfect and there are no strong measures of supervising the enterprise. Electric actuators’ users do not have the right understanding of the importance of standards, impeding the implementation of the new standard in the order process.

In recent years, domestic valve enterprises have taken some technological transformation projects, improving some of the manufacturing process and the level and grade of machining, but most companies still have problems of plant aging. Large and medium-sized state-owned key enterprises are experiencing the technological upgrading projects, only changing part of the electric actuators. Compared with foreign advanced technology and advanced equipment, there is still a large gap. The main reasons are less investment, insufficient attention to the manufacturing process or the inability of transforming.

Current research still has many deficiencies and only stays in imitation of surveying and mapping. The science and technology personnel of enterprise can only cope with production and processing, being lack of necessary research means thus making product development so slow. The most fundamental is to affect the product technical level and the development of varieties of products, which affects the prosperity of the plastic valves market.

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