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Do You Want to Buy Actuator

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Electric actuators control the motor running according to the deviation between the given signal sent by the regulator and the displacement feedback output by changing speed and actuator output angular displacement or linear displacement to realize the automatic control of valve opening.

At present, pneumatic actuators are developing in the direction of intelligence and network and more attention has been paid to the fault diagnosis and protection of the actuator. According to the requirement of the automatic production, a new generation of networked intelligent electric actuator with fieldbus communication functions is developed, with a microprocessor as the core. Here is some information that might be able to help people who will buy actuator.

Networked electric actuators have rich features and complicated structure, so people wanting to buy actuator need to have a second thought. Based on the analysis of principle and fault identities of networked electric actuator, this article probes into the failure feature information extraction method and fuzzy information fusion technology of networked electric actuator, putting forward the self-diagnosis and self protection method based on the rules of the networked electric actuator. The effectiveness of the proposed method was verified through the discrimination and protection of disabled signal fault, the failure of communication and overload typical fault. The verification here will help you buy actuator.

The system of networked electric actuator includes four parts, networked electric actuators, fieldbus converters, portable controller and PC system and so on. Fieldbus converter is the device of realizing the different fieldbus interface transition and the network electric actuators can match each type of process control system. Portable controller is the equipment for setting various parameters of the networked electric actuators as quick and easy as possible, which can realize the real-time monitoring of the operation of the electric actuator through the infrared communication network. Upper machine system on the basis of virtual instrument technology is the remote management platform of networked electric actuator, realizing the real-time remote operation and management of networked electric actuator. Though the knowledge here is specialized, it will definitely help you to buy actuator.

When networked electric actuators are in debug or run time, they can realize point-to-point network infrared letter by the portable type controller and electric actuators and also can realize the upper machine through RS48 5 bus network system with multiple network connection of electric actuator. Through its controller or PC system, the operational parameters of electric actuators can be set, and the operational status of electric actuators is monitored. If you want to buy actuator, you need to know that, compared with the traditional electric actuator, electric appliances have the functions of network management, network fault self-diagnosis and self protection function, and the PC can make remote control and management by the fieldbus network of electric actuators.

Before you buy actuator, you should know something about the possible problems. The networked electric actuators is a typical integrated system of machinery, electronics and computer, the fault of which mainly includes two aspects of hardware failures (including composite fault), mechanical and electronic, as well as the software failure. In the actual repair process of networked electric actuator, generally depending on the fault location, the faults are divided into two types, external and internal fault.

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