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Do You Plastic Valves History

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Valve is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, textile, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction and national defense and other departments of national economy and has become indispensable control equipment for all kinds of electric actuators. The plastic valves history is long. There are varieties of valve specifications, each of which plays a different role, such as open, close, adjustment, safety protection, energy saving and hydrophobic, etc. Valve is a kind of products with enormous quantity and wide range, and the plastic valves history is very long. Having a view on the plastic valves history, you can find that China's valve industry has got rapid development and has been a relatively perfect system of personnel training, scientific research, product development and design and manufacturing. Except for a few special valve products, the existing product varieties and quantities can meet the needs of various departments of the national economy, but the reliability and supporting ability of various types of valves still needs to be developed to catch the international level. Now let us have a look at the plastic valves history.

At the beginning of the plastic valves history (the early 1980s), from the oil, chemical industry to the electric power industry, etc, all the valves are in the introduction of foreign technology. The complete sets of equipment are equipped with a large number of foreign products, such as power station valve resisting high temperature and high pressure, diaphragm valve of pneumatic diaphragm, steam trap, and a large torque electric actuator, etc. According to the plastic valves history, the domestic manufacturers then did not have the design and production technology of these products, so the climax of the valve factory importing technology arose. Because the product itself was needed by the user and also belonged to short-term products at home, so the pace of the introduction of technology digestion and absorption of valve industry was promoted at that time. In the middle of the plastic valves history, due to the guidance of the government, the assistance of centralized institute, the help from other factories in the same industry, the introduction work went smoothly and the information was relatively complete. Throughout the plastic valves history, at the same time of the introduction of technology, a series of training abroad as well as experts’ guidance were also included. Most of the factories having imported technology gained success, and some factories, had recovered the cost in three years. At present, some of the introduced products are still playing a role and the imported technology really promoted the technology of valve industry. Now most of the products that were imported valve of complete sets of equipment, except for a few still needing to form a foreign complete set, can be supplied by domestic manufacturers, with the localization rate of 90% or more.

According to the plastic valves history, the main products that can make profits in export are gate valve, globe valve, check valve, cast steel gate valve, API valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, forged steel valves, etc. Main export countries are the United States, Canada, Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Kuwait, and Thailand and so on.

According to the pneumatic actuators history, there was a lack of design aspects of the new theory and new product validation test method, basic scientific research and development work. According to preliminary statistics, the domestic research of input output value was less than 3%. According to the international practice, 4% can barely support the production, so the research and development cannot keep up with the pace of development abroad.

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