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Development of the Filter Technology

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The filter is an indispensable device on a transmission medium pipe; the equipment is usually installed in the inlet end of the valve, pressure relief valve, water valve, party workers filters and other devices. A variety of filter technology applied in various industries. Filter cartridge has a certain size, its impurities are blocked, when you need to clean, simply remove the removable cartridge; you can reload after treatment, so maintenance is very convenient.

The use of filter technology has a long history in China, there has been made of plant fiber paper in 200 BC. After that, CaiLun improved the paper method in 105 AD. During the papermaking process he planted fiber pulp in dense fine finishes on bamboo. Water filtered through bamboo gap, leaving a thin layer of wet pulp on bamboo surface, it is paper when it became dry.

The first filter technology mostly gravity filtration, then pressurized filter improves the filtration rate, which in turn appeared vacuum filter technology. The drum vacuum filters invented in early 20th century achieved a continuous filtering operation. Since then, various types of continuous filter have emerged. With the filtering technology is constantly evolving, and later, filtering techniques applied pneumatic actuators . Filter intermittent operation (such as plate and frame filter press, etc.) developed because of that it can be to automate operations, filtration area is growing also. In order to obtain a low moisture content of the filter cake, the mechanical filter press has been developed.

Automatic filter technology is a widely used set of equipment, the amount of conventional pollutant filtration products is small, vulnerable to dirt clogging, the filter part of the need to disassemble and clean and you can’t monitor the status of it, these shortcomings of the filter are hard to overcome, with the raw water filter and automatically filters automatic cleaning function of the sewage. It consists of a housing, multi-filter backwash mechanism, electrical control box, part of the reducer, electric actuators and differential pressure controllers. The crossbeam of the housing divided it into the upper and lower chambers, the upper chamber is equipped with a plurality of filters, and so that the use of the space filter, the filter significantly reduced the volume of the suction chamber is attached to backwash.

When the filter working, you should know the turbid fluid enters the filter through the inlet lower chamber, and filter through the bulkhead hole into the lumen, the gap is larger than the filter element impurities are retained, so you will know that net fluid through the gap to reach the upper chamber, and finally discharged from the outlet.

This filter technology has many advantages, Automatic filtering accuracy default is 100 microns, and from 10 to 3000 microns optional filtration area, high dirt holding capacity, users can customize according to actual working conditions. Cleaning is simple, and the wash cycle electronic monitoring, automatic cleaning sewage. Automatic self-cleaning filter control system you should know that can adjust the parameters and so on.

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