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Developing Plastic Valves Technology

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At present, the scale customization of valve industry is still in lack of corresponding theoretical support and plastic valves technology guidance. The standardization and the serration design platform are conducive to the pneumatic actuators, maintenance, updates, and service. Combined with the actual, the product innovation design of application platform and rapid design process for the order should be on the basis of product configuration repository, product platform support ability. The large-scale plastic valves technology is to be developed and the prototype system is to be built and applied to rapid design process of large valves products.

Traditional plastic valves technology uses the strategy of separate product development and almost every product needs to start a new design, resulting in a large number of resources being unable to be reused, product development being prolonged, and with the strengthening of the requirements from users for product individuation, the repeated labor is increasing. During the application process of plastic valves technology, failing to consider well the customer requirements, processing, assembling, planning, designing and other problems will lead to the machinability and poor for assembling of product, which can't fully meet customer requirements on functions. While oriented to mass customization mode, the plastic valves technology based on product platform can be quicker in designing the valve products. Compared with single valve product development strategy, plastic valves technology based on the product platform innovation has these advantages: 1. the effective product platform can shorten valve product development cycle; 2. easily derived series of valve products can increase the varieties of valves, meeting the demands of different market segments; 3. the use of valve product platform can achieve reusing and transferring of design and technology, effectively reducing the design cost and innovation risk and avoiding duplication of design.

On the product type, our enterprises should develop to the direction of profession, adopting new plastic valves technology. In order to adapt to the market, they can choose to distributed type: 1. the large scale, integration, internationalization; 2. by "featured" (product development and sales service are small heads while the machining centered) turns into a "dumbbell"; 3. Split the big enterprise and make the small change; 4. Take the way of alliances, joint action, which can make the company more competitive and win more market share and is especially suitable for international development; 5. In view of the pneumatic actuators, specialize in the production of standard parts of the valve. At present, more than 2000 valve factories are in their production of valve handwheel, handle, packing and gaskets and other parts. If the industry has several specialized production, the quality, cost and benefit will be better. In terms of plastic valves technology, each enterprise should, according to own condition, choose the right market. Enterprises with advanced plastic valves technology, strong development strength should develop higher plastic valves technology content, using strict requirements and manufacturing difficult complete sets of the valve. Each enterprise should develop under the condition of the market of pneumatic actuators market and produce its own special products. Even a traditional product will also have a large market as long as it has high quality.

According to the trend of the development of China's valve industry, the growth rate of electric actuators could reach 5% ~ 8% and the export growth rate can reach more than 6%. In order to meet the domestic economic construction and to expand exports, as well as to improve the competitiveness of the markets at home and abroad, a valve industry with its own characteristics should be constructed in the 21st century.

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