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Description for Limit Switch Accessories of Pneumatic Actuators Introduce

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Limit switch accessories of pneumatic actuators are field instrument in control system of detecting the state of the pneumatic valve switch which send out the switch value signal according to the actuators switch position. Then the pneumatic actuator enters the next process after the remote controller or computer detected this signal. The limit switch accessories can also be used as an alarm in the system which has a valve chain. There are two kinds of limit switch accessories, one is mechanical limit switch accessories another is anti-explosion limit switch accessories.

POH-300 limit switch accessories appearance design is novel and attractive, with three-dimensional position indicator which can clearly identify and display the position of the valve. The internal circuit PCB wiring within 8 contacts consist the whole circuit which is convenient and prevent short circuit. Its control mode can be chosen in accordance with the site environmental requirements. There are two kinds of switch can be chosen such as closed switch, magnetic switch and equipped with signal feedback device.

Characteristics of limit switch accessories:

Three-dimensional position indicator can clearly display the position of the valve.

Die casting aluminum alloy shell, powder coating, compact design is very beautiful, reducing valve packing size, quality and reliable

Dual interface Double 1/2 NPT pipe interface

Switch position indicator can be clearly identified

“Fast position” cam; Adjusted cam of limit switch accessories can be installed by spline and spring; Switching cam position can be fast adjusted without other tools.

Use PCB instead of wiring, prevent short circuit

Environment temperature:-20degree~85 degree. Waterproof and dustproof protection grade:IP67, anti-hazard classification: Exd II BT6、Exd II CT6, conform to EN50014/50018 standard.

Double wire mouth, the standard contact, safe wiring, convenient

Bracket is easy to install and is easy to install. The bracket is according to ISO5211 standard, you can easily install any rotational electric actuators

Anti-off bolt, bolt attached to the cover will not fall off when dismantling

Easy installation, stainless steel shaft connection part and mounting brackets are conform to VDI/VDE 3845, NAMUR standard


External skin: anti-coorision

Price of limit switch accessories pneumatic actuator: There are many suppliers provide the limit switch accessories pneumatic actuator in the machinery market. This is very important for your purchase, the price is directly affected by the brand and quality. Limit switch accessories pneumatic actuator doesn’t have a unique size and each supplier has its own design. This issue also makes the price difference. In order not be cheated by the market you have to research online or ask for the price in the stores. Compare quality and price performance then chose the best one.

After-sale protection: The limit switch accessory is the key accessory for pneumatic actuator. It is not easily fixed. So you have to check the whether there is an after-sale service before you buy the limit switch accessory. Most limit switch accessory pneumatic actuator should have a long life time. In order to keep the lifetime, longer warranty period is needed, 3year is the best.

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