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Core Parts of Pneumatic Actuator

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Pneumatic actuators are machine that can offer powerful energy even in undesirable working conditions. They are often air forced and some types of them can be directed by other types of energy such as process fluid.

Pneumatic actuator consists of several core parts. There is an activating bar installed in a containment jacket which makes it available to change its operating position. Also, there is a fixed part which is connected with the containment jacket and a mobile part. This mobile part is linked to the fixed part and the activating bar as well. In this way, the bar can operate it too. There is an axis of extension in the fixed part and other cores around the axis. The core is made of a special material which is called ferromagnetic material. On the mobile part, there are two magnets on the reverse direction which is connected with the axis. Under the force of magnet and the ferromagnetic core, the mobile part can be moved with the fixed part.

Pneumatic actuator can be used for internal combustion engine of cars and it can be used for operating turbo compressor as well. It is a special machine that is particularly applying in adjusting the sheath. The sheath is mounted within the receiving chamber which is sealed and no air is allowed. There are two actuating rod end portions and the first one is linked to the diaphragm while the second one is jointed with the machine or device which the pneumatic actuator controls. There is a nozzle inside the chamber.

Pneumatic actuator includes a receiving sheath, actuation rod, receiving jacket which is placed within the housing jacket. Piston is a core part of the pneumatic actuator. There is a type of device called piston actuator, it can offer longer stoke and higher thrust than other type of design. The advantage of this type lies in that it is quite small and light but high thrust capability is guaranteed at the same time. And the valve responsiveness is improved and therefore higher pressure and tighter seat leakage is provided. Piston makes small air flow available and also fast response ability to the pneumatic actuator, the device can work with lesser opening time and work under a more stable environment. Piston type electric actuators is usually applied in controlling device during the shutdown period. It can offer a power downward to the machine and collect pneumatic pressure as source to power the machine and turn on the valve.

Part from piston, cylinder is also a core part of pneumatic actuator. Cylinder has various types of size, diameter, stoke to choose and a compact construction makes it corrosion resistant. Pneumatic cylinder is invincible and highly reliable. Cylinders have large range of selection such as low profile cylinders, tie rod pneumatic cylinders, air cylinders which is stainless and so on. Pneumatic valve actuator is designed to work seamlessly within different type of machine and it can make sure that the device works efficient at any times.

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