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Conventional Valves Selection Guide

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In October 2006, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the rules of licensing for the manufacturing of pressure piping components, which have made specific provision to the license for the manufacturing of pressure electric actuators components. Based on the implementation method and the product characteristics of pressure piping components of manufacturing unit, the permission to provisions of different levels of products, the conditions and the requirements are speculated as well as the license and licensing procedures are also determined. Enterprises engaged in electric actuators production that belongs to the specified range of valve products manufacturing must obtain corresponding level of special equipment manufacturing license (pressure piping components) in accordance with conventional valves selection guide.

According to the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment promulgated by the state council and the Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment Design and Manufacture of Installation and Nondestructive Inspection Supervision and Management Regulations (HAF601) issued by the state environmental protection administration as well as other documents, the units engaged in design, manufacture, installation and nondestructive inspection of electric actuators shall acquire the license of civil nuclear safety equipment design, manufacture, installation and nondestructive inspection. And they should finish civil nuclear safety equipment design, manufacture, installation and nondestructive inspection activities according to the conventional valves selection guide. Enterprises engaged in execution of nuclear safety function of the valve design, manufacture, shall obtain the civil nuclear safety equipment design/manufacturing license according to the conventional valves selection guide.

In 2009, the state council issued "The Equipment Manufacturing Industry Adjustment and Revitalization of Planning". It requires for seizing nine key projects, including the iron and steel industry, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding industry, light industry, textile industry, non-ferrous metal industry, electronic information industry, national defense and so on. The implementation of equipment manufacture should be done according to the conventional valves selection guide.

Valve is widely used by various major fields of national economy and is the key equipment of fixed assets of energy, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power equipment, machinery and piping. So, the conventional valves selection guide is closely related to macro economic cycle and investment in fixed assets. Since 2000, the world economy has been raised to normal level. According to the international monetary fund, annual global GDP growth in 2001-2007 has increased to 4.04%, and the global fixed asset investment grew by an average of 3.72%.

According to the forecast of European Industry Forecast Limited, the compound annual growth rate of the finished valve sales revenue in 2002-2007 in the global economy rising cycle is 5.60%, keeping the steady rise of development trend. Thus, conventional valves selection guide is still indispensable for users.

The global financial crisis having begun in the United States in 2008 quickly swept through the whole world. The pneumatic actuators, including Europe, North America, were all affected to some extent, the global GDP growth rate dropping from 5.15% in 2007 to 3.2% in 2008 and -1.32% in 2009. The rapid cooling of global economy has some negative influence on the downstream of the valve industry of investment in fixed assets. The industries of oil, natural gas, electric power, chemistry and other industries had emerged the phenomenon of delaying the implementation of the projects of fixed assets investment, which had a negative effect on the good momentum of development in valve industry. However, that cannot deny the great importance of conventional valves selection guide.

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