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Contrast About the Price of Three Main Actuators

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Electric actuator also has an alias named electric actuating mechanism. It is an actuating device that can provide linear or rotary motion. It uses some kind of drive energy and work under the action of a control signal. Actuator converts liquid, gas, electricity or other energy and uses it to work through motor cylinder or other devices.

The price of electric actuators was expensive at first. Electric actuator experience a long period since it was born. And now it becomes the main stream of actuators market.

Pneumatic actuator has its own advantages. It has a simple structure and it is easy to operate and maintain. It biggest advantage is safety, so it is ideal to flammable and combustible environment. The price of pneumatic actuator is cheaper than electric actuator. But because pneumatic actuator’s driven energy comes from compressed air and air compressibility will lead relatively slow response speed and low control stability, pneumatic actuator is not suitable to some areas, thus accelerate the born of electric actuator. Though the price of electric actuators is more expensive than pneumatic actuators at first, its obvious advantages including fast response speed and high control stability make it more popular. In addition, it has a complex structure, so it has a higher demand for its repayment, which decides that electric actuators’ maintenance price is higher than pneumatic actuator.

Compared with pneumatic actuator and electric actuator, hydraulic actuator outputs more impetus. The output torque of hydraulic actuator can be accurately adjusted according to the requirement, and reflected by its hydraulic instrument. We tend to choose hydraulic or electro-hydraulic actuator when we need anomalies deviated from the resistance and fast thrusting speed. Because of the incompressibility of the liquid, one of the advantages of hydraulic actuators is a better yaw stiffness, which is very important to operate conditions. The output of the thrust or torque is basically constant, which can overcome the unbalanced force of medium and control process parameters accurately. Moreover, hydraulic actuator drives stably, it is suitable for those work environments of high transmission requirement, which decides that its price is the highest of actuators.

The price of electric actuators is cheaper than hydraulic actuator so that it can be accepted for most industries. And electric actuator has good yaw stiffness. It can also produce huge thrust, and it can generate thrust can be as high as 225000kgf, and only hydraulic actuator can do that. Though the price of electric actuators is more expensive than pneumatic actuator, it has better yaw stiffness. And its advantages are obvious and superiors that pneumatic actuator can not compete with. Therefore, with a substantial price and relatively stable performances, electric actuators have a widest application area and have the biggest actuators market.

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