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Come and Take a Look at Our Limit Switches

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This APL210 mini type limit switch for sale is consisted of a flat topped indicator of 90 degree, a pneumatic flanged ball valve, a high platform and a valve position indicator made of 304 type stainless steel. You could order one with a red, orange or blue shell, and this limit switch matches with electric actuators . This inexpensive product has advantages like high performance, great safety and compact structure for situations that have a high corrosion risk. The features of this product are listed below:

A separately installed switch, making it convenient for the replacement;

A firm and compact design and a die made of aluminum;

Its fast cam mechanism is supported by a spring fixed cam. It can be arranged without tools and does not need any more adjustment after the initial setting.

It is convenient to install. Its shaft and support part are made of stainless steel. Its support connecting hole is of reasonable design, and is convenient for installation.

This ASL type limit switch for sale is a kind of instrumentation for automatic control system, and is used for detecting the status of the valve. Its working pattern is to switch opening and closing position, thus realizing the signal output. These samples are detected by the computer or accepted by the controller, and then the rest of the program will be executed. This product can also be used for important valve interlock protection and remote alarm indication for a self-control system. This limit switch for sale is easy to operate. To start using it, you only need to learn three steps. First, let the valve go to the closing position, adjust the red cam, and it will output the "off" signal; next, get the valve to the opening position, adjust the yellow cam, and it will output the "on" signal; finally, let the valve go back and forth for several times, and this will determine the reliability of the signals from the limit switch.

This ALS-600MZ type straight travel limit switch for sale is also named of 316 type stainless steel explosion-proof limit switch box or diaphragm valve position limit switch. It is a position indicator for the pneumatic ball valve. Its flameproof grade is of BT6, and it is consisted of a 2SPDT two bit type control system, a valve position indicator, a dome indicator and a valve limit switch/ a passive contact switch/ a three type switch.

This limit switch for sale is applied to offshore platform, shipbuilding industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, paint and other inflammable and explosive occasions or harsh environment that are not easy to provide the valve position indication or signal transmission. It is particularly loved by users being involved with marine operations and offshore operations and can realize a number of transmissions for control signal and temperature signal respectively. There are other functions like inductive function, built in mechanical function and magnetic sensing function.

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