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Choose Electric Actuators for Broad Applications

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Electric actuators are also known as valve actuators. Because the electric actuators broad application, they are called by the different names. In the industry of pipeline, they are named valve actuators, while, in the instrumentation industry, they are titled as electric actuators. At present, this distinction has been decreased.

Valves are very important equipment for broad electric actuator application in the pipeline control industry. The valves are often used in industrial automation. With the development of the power source readily available, and the advantages of maintenance-free under normal circumstances, compared to pneumatic, hydraulic, modes, and electric valve become more and more popular in the broad electric actuator application. Electric valves are required to have higher reliability and security in industrial applications, when the valve could ensure the function and human life. The electric valves’ safety function depends on the reliability of electric actuators, so the performance and control ability are the critical elements when applied to broad application. So when choosing electric actuators, in addition to some of the basic elements, some reasonable technical requirements are also needed to maximize the value of the electric valve for electric actuators’ broad application.

There are many types of electric actuators, and they can all be called electric valves after the electric actuator and supporting electric valves are connected. Some people only pay attention to the parameters of the valve but do not explicitly notice the design, and the related requirements of electric actuator for broad electric actuator application. This will end up with that not only the electric valve could not play the best performance, but also have some unnecessary trouble in the installation, commissioning and in the using process and even cause serious consequences to the production.

How to choose electric actuators for broad application? The answer is to choose according to the types of valve actuators.

There are quite a lot of different types of valves, and the working principle is not the same. Generally speaking, people could achieve open and close control by rotating valve plate angle or lifting the valve plate and some other ways. For matching with electric valves, electric actuators should be chosen first based on the type of valve.

1. The output shaft rotation of electric actuator is less than one week, which is less than 360 degrees, usually 90 degrees to achieve the control of the valve’s opening and closing process. Such pneumatic actuators are divided into direct-attached, two base crank interface mode.

a) Direct connect refers to the output shaft of the electric actuators’ broad application is directly connected with the installation form.

b) Base crank refers to the output shafts are connected in the form of a crank and stem connection.

This kind of electric actuators’ broad application is suitable for the butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valves, etc.

2. The electric actuator output shaft is greater than a week that is greater than 360 degrees. It generally takes multi- loop process to achieve the opening and closing control.

Such electric actuators suitable for gate valve, globe valve.

3. Linear motion

The output shaft of electric actuator moves in the linear motion type, not in the turning form.

Such electric actuators’ broad application is used for single- seat control valve, valve seat, etc.

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