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Character of Bag-type Filter Technology

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Application of Bag-type Filter Technology in Various Industries:

Bag-type filter regulators technology can be used in intensive filter of oil color, viscose, resin color, printing ink, chemicals, milk, beer, galvanizing bath, medicines and industrial water, etc. This kind of filter technology has been utilized in not only many industrial fields but also in a whole raft of hospitals. It provides convenience for consumers, brings a large number of interests for institutions that use it.

Basic Data Bag-type Filter Technology:

Theory: Pressure filtration.

Application: Liquid filtration.

Structural style: Bag type.

Performance: Intensive filtration.

Suitable object: Separation of solid in liquid.

Filter material: Non-woven fabric.

Range of application: Chemical industry, medicine production, food technology, auto manufacture and light industry.

Working Parts and Theory of Bag-type Filter Technology:

It is a kind of pressure-lead filter installation. The main structure consists of a filter barrel body, an upper cover and an enhanced net in the filter bag which is made of stainless wheel. The liquid which needs to be filtered goes into the machine through the water inlet on one side of the filter machine. The filter bag locates in an enhanced net basket. When the liquid enters the filter bag, the impurity is obstructed in the bag. So we got the desired clear liquid. It is absolutely convenient to change filter bag in this system and there is no waste of materials in the whole course.

Main Merits of Bag-type Filter Technology:

1.Low rate of side leakage of the filter-bag.

2.It can endure more working pressure, lower operating costs and better energy conservation.

3.Precision of the filter bag has been elevated to 0.5μm.

4. High handing capacity and small volume of the bag-type filter technology.

5.It takes less time and work. It’s convenient to exchanging the filter bag by virtue of its special structure, and no-washing of the filter separator.

6.Low cost. The filter bag can be recycled after being washed.

7. Bag-type filter technology can be used flexibly in a lot of fields, and it can be installed in many different methods.

Specification of Bag-style Filter Technology:

The filter machine can be separated into three different types: the single-bag filter, multi-bag type and interlining style of filter. The multi-bag type is best suitable in high flow filter. The quantity of filter bags ranges from 2 to 24. But this kind of filter is of high weight, so we always use electric actuators in order to save labor cost.

Sustainment of the Machine:

(1) Frequently checkup the pipe system to see if there is any damage or leakage.

(2) Don’t open the lid when the filter machine still under pressure or you may take the risk of injury by the sparkled liquid.

(3) Check the inlet and outlet of the machine and the pressure to make sure the inner pressure is zero. Open the vent, and operate when the remainder liquid wholly goes off.

(4) Correctly open the upper lid of the filter, raise the lid and rotate it somewhat.

(5) Frequently check the O-Ring to make sure it’s intact.

Low cost, high efficiency, easy to use and small volume. With so many cutting edges, the bag-type filter technology is the most emerging and matter which fields your business is in and no matter which kind of boss you are working for. And this is the benefit that the epoch which is full of automation, information technology and electric actuators brings to us.

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