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Butterfly Valves of Electric Actuators Maintenance

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Electric actuators butterfly valves, after a period of time to use, because the pump stops and opens many times a day with the pump pipeline pump pressure 4MPa, are opened by the upper and lower friction is too large, badly worn electric actuators butterfly valves have internal slide and slide groove wedge on both sides, which leads wedge slide choked out, thus make the pneumatic actuators butterfly valves cannot open to outside or cannot closed inside, causing the motor overload when badly worn. Centrifugal pumps or stopping the pump must be carried out in case those electric actuators butterfly valves are closed, so that the safe operation of the pump constitutes a hazard. In the past such cases, only two-way high-voltage electric actuators butterfly valves wedge overall replacement parts cost only spend two million dollars, and labor-intensive, long construction period. In order to repair old and increase revenue work, we should be ready for the faulty electric actuators butterfly valves repairing.

Repair methods of operation: cut the remaining portion of the slide for the badly worn and then slide the new welding process in the original position, and then the wedge slide groove on both sides of serious worn which make good use of welding, milling and then put slot milling slide out, it will meet the technical requirements of the new electric actuators butterfly valves replacement slide if the material hardness, high strength of some slide size made little wide, can greatly improve the use of electric actuators butterfly valves life. Read the relevant information through the careful analysis of the reasons for failure to wear careful measurement accessories, design sketches, preparation of construction steps, and then start into the implementation.

Removing the electric actuators butterfly valves, check the measurements. Qualified lifting tools are ready to begin dismantling electric actuators butterfly valves and valve cover bolts, screw and wedge in the valve head from the connecting portion, the portion of the electric motor and electric actuators butterfly valves bonnet slowly on the floor, inspect the electric actuators butterfly valves body slides and wedge wear. Wedge often occur in the valve body and choked get it out of the case, then the child will be grilled on the use of special wedge out from the top of the valve body. Next to the internal dimensions of the electric actuators butterfly valves, this can be measured according to the size scribe in the factory milling machine milling on both sides of the wedge slot after the operation to go down the slide.

As a result, electric switch that acts as a switch valve; while electric actuators butterfly valves regulate the flow of the action. We should apply the methods above mentioned to ensure the electric actuators butterfly valves longer lifespan. And in this way, the electric actuators butterfly valves can become better controlled valve switch electrically.

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