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Brief introduction for Pneumatic Actuators Ball Valve Accessories

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Pneumatic actuators ball valve accessories experience their own functions and characteristics as other products. As we all known, pneumatic actuators ball valve accessories, means pneumatic actuators add some ball valve accessories with execution speed of pneumatic actuator valves are relative faster, fastest switching speed is 0. 05 seconds / second, so often called pneumatic quick disconnect valve. Pneumatic valve is usually equipped with various accessories, such as solenoid valves, air FRL, limit switches, positioners, control box, etc. In order to achieve local control and remote centralized control, in the control room can control the switching valve no need to go on-site or bring dangerously high altitude and manual control, in this way it can largely saves time and human resources as well as security.

Just use pneumatic valve, pneumatic or electric actuators using gas source is rotated 90 degrees operation and a small torque can be closed tightly. Full equality body cavity for the media provides little resistance through the flow channel. Generally consider the most suitable valve opening and closing done being directly used, but recent development has been designed so that it has the ball and control the flow restriction purposes. The main features of valve itself is not only a compact structure, easy operation and maintenance for water, solvents, acids and gas work in general media, but also for the poor working conditions of media, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene. The Balls of pneumatic actuators ball valve accessories are basically in accordance with the principles of the structure of a polished ball core (including the channel) sandwiched between two seats this (upstream and downstream), the rotation center of the sphere of fluid flow through the ball to intercept or core, upstream and downstream pressure force generated immediately downstream of the ball valve core (floating ball structure) of Pneumatic actuators. In this case the operation of the valve core and torque by the ball valve are the friction between the stem and packing decisions. Torque and maximum pressure occurs in the event of rotation of the ball in the opening direction of the core in the closed position. The ball valve may be integral or may be modular.

The main features of pneumatic actuators ball valve accessories are:

(1) Without any integral valve fittings, and therefore there are not subject to the pipe or bolt stress, and because the body is without any fittings, so the pressure is not affected by the housing pressure "mutation" effect;

(2) Pneumatic actuators ball valve accessories have a V-shaped body, even in the case of low flow or high-viscosity media, but also in the entire range to ensure the accuracy of control;

(3) pneumatic actuators ball valve accessories are leak-proof and durable seat at its outer diameter lined with stainless steel inner core PTFE O-ring or cup-shaped seat with a larger cross-section made of tungsten carbide cobalt, alloy through a corrugated spring seat structure is further enhanced;

(4) When the pneumatic actuators ball valve is closed, between the V-notch and produce electric valve seat wedge shearing, and self-cleaning function of both the core and prevents the ball stuck, electric valve particularly suitable for pipes freezing or scaling containing fibers and particulate solid occasion.

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