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Basic Components of Pneumatic Actuators

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Pneumatic actuators are mainly made up of steel cylinder, piston rod, piston, guide sleeve, front cylinder, back cylinder and sealing element. We will detailed introduce the components of pneumatic actuators one by one.

Steel Cylinder

Steel cylinder usually adopts column casing structure. However, with the development of varieties of pneumatic actuators and improvement of manufacturing technology, square and rectangular section tubes are widely applied and used to rectangular or elliptical section tube of preventing the pneumatic actuators.

The material of steel cylinder generally adopts cold-drawn steel pipe, aluminum alloy steel pipe, stainless steel tube, and copper pipe and ABS pipe. Medium and small pneumatic actuators mainly use aluminum alloy steel pipe and ABS pipe. And the widely used steel cylinder of cylinder with limit switch is required to use the non-magnetic material. And the heavy-duty pneumatic actuators used in the industry of metallurgy and cars in general adopts cold drawn precision steel pipe and also iron cast pipe.

Piston Rod

Piston rod is an important part of delivering power and required to bear the load of stretch, compress and vibration. The surface of piston rod is wearable and rustles. The texture of piston rod usually chooses 35、36 carbon steel. In occasional situations, it will use finish-rolling stainless steel. The surface of rolled steel needs chrome plate and quenched-temperate heat treatment. When using electric actuators , you should better pay attention to the intensity of piston rod. Because the thread of piston rod in the top is attacked and suffers destruction,And what the piston rod can bear in many occasions is thrust load. As a result, we must take the stability of pressure lever of thin rod into account.


The piston of pneumatic actuators can generate the push when it is subject to pressure effect and does friction exercise in the steel cylinder. In addition, on the occasion of high-velocity motion, piston may strike the cylinder cover. Therefore, it is imperative that piston has the features of enough intensity and excellent slide. We should pay more attention to the slide performance of piston used in the pneumatic actuators, especially abrasive resistance.

After the brief introduction of basic components of pneumatic actuators, we have faith in believing that you will have a further understanding on the components of pneumatic actuators. We sincerely hope that this article will help you a lot not only in the daily life but also in the working time. In addition, we will introduce limit switch online shopping which is a very interesting topic for young people. We also hope you can share this article about components of pneumatic actuators to your families and friends. And you will call your friends to come to our next topic and learn more knowledge.

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