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Ball Valve Parts and Its Application

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Ball valves mating with electric actuators or pneumatic actuators, Ball valve parts are also include many different parts.
Ball valve can be divided into many kinds, its class pressure can be 150,300 and 600. Its body can be made of Alloy 20, ductile iron. bronze, aluminum and carbon steel. For its seat, the material can be carbon graphite, fire seal, and RTFE.
Ball valve parts is constituted by many components such us end caps, bodies, balls, seat rings, bonnet gaskets, body seals, stem seals, stem packing, thrust washers, gland followers, lock washers, stem nuts, handles, spring washers, stems, stop pins, and hardware for actuator mounting. Etc.
When a ball valve part with high accuracy and reliable performance, it is can be considered as a good one, given drawings, some factories can produce the parts according to customer’s private need.
When ball valve parts of electric actuators have such feathers such as high hardness, super abrasion-proof, and impact resistance to high temperature, corrosion resistance and so on, such parts can be assumed as good parts. Surely, good features can be more and more. Depending on customers’ exact requirement, such parts also can be made in some factories.
When a ball valve is repaired, you should pay attention to these items about ball valve parts:
When it is repaired, it usually recombines the parts which had been disassembly. These ball valve parts should be cleaned and examined, it is strongly recommended that use spare parts unit to change sealing elements, such as valve seat and valve deck and gasket.
When disassemble and recombination the ball valve, it must be careful not to damage the hermetic side, especially for nonmetal parts, it would be better if specialized tools can be used in this process.
When recombination, bolts in flange must symmetry, screwed down step by step.
Ball valve parts can be made from rubber, plastic, metal, when clean these parts, cleaning agent should be compatible with these parts and working medium(such as fuel gas). Nonmetal parts can be cleaned with purified water or ethyl alcohol.
The single part had been disassembled can be cleaned with the mode of soakage, all dust and grease must be cleaned.
Nonmetal parts should be pulled out from cleaning agent; they can’t be steep for a long time.
After cleaning agent evaporating (or be rubbed by silk without cleaning agent), these parts can be reassembled again, but they can’t be put for a long time lest rust or polluted by dirt.
New ball valve parts also need be cleaned before assembled.
When lubricant, lubricant grease should be compatible with parts of ball valve.
When assembled, no metal chippings, fiber, grease(except the stipulated kind), dust and other impurity pollute or adhere to the surface of parts, or enter into inner parts.

With the improvement of ball valve’s technique, in the next years, ball valves will be used for more industry. Ball valves parts also can have a promising future.

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