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Ball Valve Electric Actuators

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Ball valve electric pneumatic actuators are a key actuator in industrial automation control system. Party work is based on the electric ball valve disc of the mobile forms around the axis of rotation movement of the valve stem. The seat and disc change in his itinerary directly proportional relationship. Ball valve electric actuators are mainly used for truncated or on line in the medium, and can also be used on regulation and controlling of fluid. The ball valve electric actuators are one of the industrial automation process control pipe pressure components.

Types of ball valve electric actuators are: the electric ball valve, floating ball valve and the fixed ball valve, v-shaped ball valve, stainless steel ball valves, sulfur discharge ball valve, pneumatic ball valves, electric ball valves, etc.

Floating ball: the ball is floating. Certain displacement and compression can be produced at the outlet seal surface because of the medium pressure. The structure of floating ball valve is simple and the sealing is good. So if you want to consider that the seal material can withstand the working load of sphere medium under high pressure shock, then the sphere migration may occur. In this structure, the ball valve electric actuators are generally used in low pressure.

Ball and seat sealing adopts metal materials, sealing pressure is very big, relying on the pressure of the medium itself already could not reach the requirements of sealing, must exert external forces. This valve is suitable for high temperature and high pressure medium. Elastic ball is on the lower end of the sphere. After the channel is closed, the sphere is rolling out because of the pressure of stem wedge-shaped head. The ball valve electric actuators can reduce the sealing surface friction and operating torque.

Ball valve electric electric actuators main features are:

(1) with no coupling integral body, so is not affected by pipeline or bolt stress, and because the body without any pipe joint, so the pressure hull would not be affected by pressure "mutation";

(2) The electric ball valve has a v-shaped body, even if in the case of small flow rate or high viscosity media can also be within the scope of the whole range, ensure the control accuracy;

(3) the electric ball valve leak proof and durable seat at the outer diameter of PTFE lined with stainless steel inner core cup or type O sealing ring, the seat which is made from larger cobalt tungsten carbide can be used to enhance the structure of the seat.

(4) when the Ball valve electric actuators is closed, the Ball valve electric actuators v-notch with electric ball valve seat wedge shearing action, and both have the function of self-cleaning and can prevent the ball core is stuck, especially suitable for the electric ball valve pipe scaling or containing fibers and particles frozen solid.

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