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Application of the Electric Actuator

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The actuator is also called executing components. It belongs to a kind of electromechanical equipment to give its full play in automatic control field. And the actuator is also one of the necessary components of the automation equipment together with another two testing equipment and control equipment. The main pneumatic actuators application is to proceed with automatic operation for some equipments and devices, turning on and off its switch, adjusting and exchanging the hand work. And due to the incomparable advantage of the electricity power, it possesses larger and larger electric actuator application. Therefore, some experts say that the electric actuator has the fastest development and widest applications in the near future. The electric actuator is able to be classified into different classifications according to different specifications: series construction and mechatronics construction; electric appliance control type, electronic control type as well as intelligent control type; numeric digital type and analog digital type; manual contact defaulting type and infrared remote control type. The electric actuator is being developed with the development of higher and higher living standard of human beings.

Actually, the electric actuator has a short developing history. And up till now, most of the electric actuator control is manual and semi-automatic operation. And in the middle of running the electric actuator, people were going to keep in touch with dangerous and harmful stuff existed in the commercial plants, so the electric actuator was not secure at the very beginning. And in the early electric actuator application, the electric actuator had a lot of problems in the middle of using it, such as short service period, easy breakdown as well as frequent preservation. And the earlier electric actuator adopted semi-automatic control, which has a bad influence on controlling production efficiency as well as dealing with large faults. And in order to solve these problems, the electric actuator is created and the electric actuator applied began in industry and other kinds of control fields, lessening and avoiding equipment troubles causing injury of human beings, promoting the control precision as well as efficiency to a large degree and improving the production efficiency at the same time. With the rapid development of the electronic fitting technology, computer communication technology as well as automatic control theory, the electric actuators at home and abroad have entered into intelligent operation era already.

The first electric actuators application is in power station, where the electric actuator is used to regulate burner, hydraulic pusher, control valves of the smoke and air, ball valves as well as sliding door. And in other energy sectors, the electric actuator also gives its play to regulate larger hydraulic valve, control rotation speed of turbine, and recycle condensate water and reheat thermostatic controller. The second crucial electric actuator application is process control. The electric actuator is able to be used in industries like chemical, casting, food, medicine as well as packaging to carry out process control.

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