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Analysis of Plastic Handwheel Development Trend

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The plastic products are widely used among various aspects of our daily life and they have changed our life. At the same time, plastic handwheel is widely used. With the development of polymer material, the plastic handwheel development trend will be towards the direction of intelligent plastic.
As the topic of environment protection has been talked for several years, the use of environment-friendly material becomes more and more popular. Hence, the plastic handwheel of electric actuators will be in large use as well. Moreover, the intelligent plastic will be the mainstream of handwheel development trend.

According to the “Three-year Plan” and the status quo of plastic handwheel development trend, the purpose to promote the industry of handwheel is proposed by the China Machine Tool Industry Association. After three-year development, the plastic handwheel of domestic manufactures has to take up 70 percent of the handwheel market. Among the market, the handwheel and handle of CNC machine tools have to take up 40 percent of the domestic market. However, the current situation is that the handwheel and handle only take up 20 percent of the market. In order to achieve this goal, there must be some promotion and upgrade, especially the pneumatic actuators. In the first place, the matching rate of plastic handwheel is an essential problem. In the second place, the material is another problem which restricts the upgrade. So, the plastic handwheel development trend has to be on the direction of intelligent plastic and the direction of matching rate upgrade. Of course, it is difficult to realize the aim of the development. The major issue is to enhance the quality and the material of core components. Only if the matching rate of core parts is enhanced, the domestic manufactures will be competitive among the international market of plastic handwheels. Meanwhile, when the material is developed and upgraded, the plastic handwheel development trend will be on the direction of environmental-friendly. Thus, the whole quality will be enhanced and the quantity will be increased. At that time, China will become one of the most significant countries which are the major base of handwheel industry.

In the recent years, the most amounts of exported plastic machines are from Europe. The number one country is Germany. However, the plastic handwheel development trend of our country is in shortage of impetus because the market is in lack of innovative ability. At the same time, the development of intelligent plastic material is not mature enough compared with the developed countries. As a result, the handwheel industry of China is unable to catch up the developed countries such as Germany and Russia. Meanwhile, the handwheel development trend towards intelligent plastic has a long way to go while the technology of this field is on the stage of research and development. There is still a long way to widely commercialize the technology in the following a few years. As a result, in order to realize the goal of the industry promotion,. It is necessary to lead the plastic handwheel development trend to the direction of upgrade. Meanwhile, accelerate the pace of development is a must.

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