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Analysis of Domestic Filter Market

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The demand of the filter grew every year and the growth rate is about 15 percent. Hence, the growing point of domestic filter market will become stable and continuous in the following years. According to the fact of the domestic filter market, there are over one thousand manufactures in the domestic markets. But most of them are small size corporations. Here to know the pneumatic actuators

The major domestic enterprises in the domestic filter market are about 20 according to the national statistics. Joint ventures are about 10 and foreign-owned companies are about 10 as well. Among these corporations, there are only a few with their own brand and improved sales network channels. From the perspective of distribution, most companies are in the market of Shanghai city, Zhejiang province and Anhui province. The major manufactures are in the eastern part of China. Both the amount and the assets take up more than 60 percent of the whole domestic filter market. In the east-northern part of China, there is only about 6 percent of amount. But the assets of these companies take up about a quarter of the whole assets in the domestic filter market. From the perspective of market shares, the filter manufactures with own brand in the domestic filter market have advantages than other corporations. However, the joint ventures begin to take up more and more market shares. They almost monopoly the high-end filter market. From the whole market, there is no corporations to monopoly the most part of the domestic filter market. The competition among domestic filter market is serious.

There are a lot of problems among the domestic filter market. In the following part of the passage, let me share some problems.

In the first place, the research and development ability of domestic manufactures are weak. Especially the innovative power, it is much weaker than those foreign corporations. In the joint ventures, there are research centers of their own to develop their products. At the same time, they have enough technology ability to reach the world advanced level.

In the second place, the relative industries fall behind. Most filter materials in the domestic filter market are imported from other countries. The equipment and research materials depend highly upon other countries’ markets.

In the third place, most companies are small size manufactures in the domestic filter market. They are lack of innovative power and investments. At the same time, they just focus on the manufacturing of low-end product with little technology. Hence, it is a serious problem in the domestic filter market.

Last but not the least, the professional technical are in great shortage. In many corporations, there are not enough professional managers and high-level technicians. This shortage leads to the problems of the industry development, which does great damage to the domestic filter market.

In summary, we have to change the current situation of the domestic filter market to develop the filter industry as soon as possible.

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