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American Market for Handwheels

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The United States of America is a powerful country with highly developed chemical industry, mining industry, power industry, aircraft industry, clothing industry, machine building industry and so on. There is a growing need for mechanical parts in this country. The handwheel USA market is growing faster than you could imagine.

Handwheel, the manual pulse generator, is also called photoelectric encoder. It is mainly used for digital control machine in CNC vertical machining center, horizontal machining center and Longmen processing center. It is known for its novel style, mobile convenience, anti-interference and strong carrying capacity; its plastic shell is of high insulating strength and is designed to be anti oil.

Valve pressing handwheel is one of the great needed mechanical parts in handwheel USA market. Chinese enterprises are dedicating themselves to the production of valve pressing handwheel of various specifications now, most of these handwheels are made of carbon steel and the common diameter of these handwheels is from 50mm to 500mm. Its inner hole could be made into different shapes such as a square hole, a hole with six standard angles, a round hole and so on. The diameter of this product, the shape of its hole as well as the color of the product could be determined by customers’ needs. The valve pressing handwheel is widely used in the fields like light industry, machinery manufacturing industry, medical treatment, mining, petroleum, chemical industry and other fields.

Handwheel USA market also has a great need for FLOWX Handwheel . Most of back wave handwheels are made of phenolic resin. The common color of these products is black, and customers could choose decorative pieces of different colors like silver, yellow, etc. It is mainly applied to operating regulation for all types of machinery and equipment. They have beautiful appearance and could guarantee high speed and safety. It’s steel core surface is resistent to high temperature, solvent, oil and other chemical reagents. And it has a strong anti rust capability. There are two kinds of back wave handwheels for you to choose. One is produced with the handle while the other is not. It’s common specifications are like 10*80, 12*100, 16*160 and 18*200, while it could also customized according to the actual needs.

The inner corrugated handwheel is another great need in handwheel USA market. It is in line with national machinery operating executive standard called JB/T7273.7-1994 (JB3717.10-85) and is usually made of phenolic plastics, such as bakelite and bakelite. According to the national machinery operating executive standard JB/T7273.7-1994, it should be made into four specifications including 12*100, 12*125, 16*160 and 18*200. Of course, the product can also be customized according to customers’ special needs, but its common color is black. The exported inner corrugated handwheels are known for their beautiful color, strong durability and high precision.

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