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Actuator Manufacturer Trying to Catch the Pace

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With the rapid development of industry and the improvement of industrial automation degree day by day, the electric actuators have been widely used in industrial automation for their unique ways of transmission and advantages such as no pollution, simple structure, low cost, convenient operation and sufficient gas source. Pneumatic actuators, as one of the basic equipments in industrial process control system, is the important and essential terminal performing instrument of the automation system, whose function is to change the input medium flow of the controlled process object and to achieve the goal of regulation of controlled process parameters according to the output control signal of the control system. They have a great influence on the advantages and disadvantages of control system control quality as well as safe and stable operation.

However, in terms of the current backward technical level in the domestic actuators, the current actuator manufacturer has reached the bottleneck of development in the field of automation technology. There is almost no actuator manufacturer producing high-end smart actuators, which has caught the attention of the national development and reform commission and ministry of science and technology department.

The research on and development of actuator technology made by actuator manufacturer, in addition to raising the level of pure technical level, is more in need of the basic theory study including the mathematical modeling and control of the actuator system that can be easily ignored, which is also the basis and key of acquiring famous foreign actuator product technologies. With the constant improvement of the degree of automation, actuator manufacturer requires for achievement of control of pneumatic device in any position in the industrial production line, so the traditional position control pneumatic system has been difficult to meet the requirements and the pneumatic servo has become an important research field of pneumatic technology.

While due to the intrinsic compressibility of gas, the nonlinearity of flow valve opening, the influence of the cylinder friction and low damping characteristics of pneumatic system, the pneumatic servo system in essence belongs to nonlinear system. The nonlinear and other variable factors have brought many problems to actuator manufacturer, making the accurate position control of pneumatic actuators difficult to complete.

In recent years, with the development of pneumatic actuators and technology, actuator manufacturer has developed the mathematical model from analysis and research tools to direct actual application in solving practical problems. The establishment of mathematical model can not only help us to have a better understanding of the system dynamic characteristics, but also help us to make the design of the controller more effectively. Therefore, based on the above background, the research by the actuator manufacturer on actuator system modeling has important theoretical significance and value of practical application. What’s more, later research on positioning system of fault diagnosis has also been provided with a strong theoretical basis. The output characteristic of the actuator is in proportional type, namely the displacement input and output pressure signal is proportional to each other. The working condition of the pneumatic diaphragm actuator is influenced by many factors.

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