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Actuator Benefits for Different User Group

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Pneumatic is "pneumatic technology" or "pneumatic transmission and control" for short. The pneumatic actuators technology, based on power supply by air compressor, compressed air as working medium, is an engineering technology of transferring signals or energy, which is one of the important means of achieving a variety of process control, automatic control. The appearance of the pneumatic brings a challenge to electric actuators, but it also brings actuator benefits for different user group.

The history of people using the power of air to complete various work can be traced back to ancient times, but as the prototype of the application of pneumatic technology, it began in 1776 when John Wilkinson invented the air compressor can produce about1 bar of pressure. In 1880, people used air cylinder to make pneumatic brake device at the first time, and used it successfully to make the train braking. In the early 1930s, with the development of the industrial mechanization and automation, pneumatic technology is widely used in various fields of production automation, and then the pneumatic technology appeared and brought many actuator benefits for different user group.

Since the 1980s, automation gets its rapid development. The main ways of automation are: mechanical, electronics, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic mode. All these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages and the most suitable scope of application. Compared with drive and control technology and other ways, pneumatic actuators have actuator benefits for different user group as the following.

Actuator benefits for different user group:

(1) Portable, simple electric actuators structure, simple installation and maintenance, low pressure level, therefore it is safe to use. The actuator benefits for different user group are obvious.

(2) The working medium is the inexhaustible air and the air itself is in no need of money. So the exhaust process is simple and the cost is low with no polluting the environment.

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