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A Brief Introduction to Filter Technology

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1.Why is filter technology necessary?

In the mechanical processing workshops or the assembly line, the oil, coolant and cleaning liquid are absolutely necessary. In the processing of producing, owing to the circular use, the oil is constantly contaminated with metal particles and inclusions pending. Without filter technology, it surely will affect cutting quality reduce cleaning effectiveness and impact test performance.

For modern production workshops, the FLOWX Filter Regulator technology is particularly important. This is because most of the devices are sets of machine tools and non-standard machines as well as cleaning machine and test bench. With so much impurities mixed, it requires higher for the purity of the oil. Generally speaking, the impurity rate of equipment is allowed to be lower than 20um in diameter or less, but the requirements of some special equipment are very stricter, and impurity particle diameter must be less than 10um, and some even require not more than 5um. To use of general filtering methods (such as patients seeking ordinary filter and wire netting) is unable to meet the above requirements. Therefore, we must use filter technology to have the problem solved.

2. How to employ filter technology for oil filter?

The proportion of metal is larger than the oil and water, while the metal suspended in the oil concentration of is in the form of thin particles. Not only that, the oil and water are infiltrating liquid for metal, so every metal particle is surrounded by many molecules adsorbed oil, as a result, the proportion of oil in scattering the metal particles is much smaller than that of metal chunk. Because of buoyancy, these metal particles are not easily precipitated in a short time. Therefore, to use filter technology to solve the problem of oil filter, you can follow the steps below:

(1) Expand the filter area

(2) Reduce the amount of impurities on the screen gradually to improve the liquid circulation.

(3) Multi-level progressive filtering.

3. How to apply filter technology on electric actuators ?

There are many air impurities on electric actuators and this will affect the work efficiency without filter technology. There are five main ways to intercept particles:

1. Interception: When particles reach the surface of the actuators, the surface to the centerline distance is less than the radius of particles, so dust particles will be intercepted and deposited.

2. Inertia: When the speed of larger particle is greater, due to inertia dust particles will be blew off for the sake of filter technology.

3. Diffusion: Brownian motion of small particles has a strong movement and can be diffused easily.

4. Gravity: particles through the pneumatic actuators are deposited by gravity settling on the surface.

5 static: Particles may be charged and attracted to generate electrostatic effect, thus the particles will be attracted to leave off actuators.

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