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A Brief Introduction about Plastic Valves Material Standard

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With the continually improving importance of plastic pipes in hot and cold water supply as well as industrial pipeline engineering application, the quality of the plastic valves material plays a more and more important role in plastic pipe system. Controlled by pneumatic actuators , plastic valve is light, and has the quality of corrosion resistance. Also it does not absorb incrustation, and can be connected to the integration of plastic pipe. Moreover, it is durable and has a long life. All of these advantages of plastic valve making it is remarkable in water supply (especially in hot water) and other industrial fluid plastic piping system, and its application advantage is the biggest compared to other valves.

However, we have no reliable way to control the production and application of plastic valve in domestic at present, making the quality of water supplies plastic valves and other fluid plastic valves uneven, which form an opinion that plastic valve can not be used and affect the overall development of plastic pipe application. That means that plastic valves material is significant to the development of plastic valve.

Our country’s national standard of plastic valve is establishing, so its product standard is according to the international standard temporally. In the international standard of plastic valve products, it puts emphasis on plastic valves material. It requires that those plastic valves material manufacture factories should qualify plastic pipe product standard. Meanwhile, the standard also demands that the plastic valves materials should guarantee a 25-year service life.

Plastic valves material standard requires that the material of valve body and valve cover should correspond with the rules in ISO 15493:2003"industrial plastic piping systems – ABS,PVC -u and - C - PVC pipes and pipe fittings system specifications - part 1: metric series" and ISO 15494:2003"industrial plastic piping systems - PB, PE and PP pipes and pipe fittings system specification - part 1: metric series". In addition, plastic valves material should be in correspondence with plastic valve products standard and the performance of the purchased raw materials should be consistent with the raw material manufacturer’s instructions. Moreover, the plastic valves adopts high polymer material as material, which replaces original brick masonry method, which reduces the use of energy and land, thus saves resource and protect environment.

According to the plastic valves material standard, the material which manufacture valve shaft should not move and be non aging for several years, which is beneficial to the valve to keep a sealing effect for a long time. If the material of the valve shaft needs to change, valve design should consider water pressure condition.

As for valve box material, it should be in correspondence with anti-corrosion material body principle of valve body.

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